Crochet Boxing Gloves

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Boxing Gloves
VP-air loop
RPS-column without crochet
SSN-column with crochet
CC-connection post
Main part
1) 7ВП, 1 СБН in the second loop from the hook, 4 СБН, 3 СБН in
one loop, knitting goes to the other side
chain-4 sc, 2 sc in the first EaP
2) 2 СБН in one loop, 4 СБН, 2СБН in one loop, 1СБН, 2
RLS in one loop, 4СБН, 2СБН in one loop, 1СБН
3) 1СБН, 2СБН in one loop, 5СБН, 2СБН in one loop, 1
RLS, 2PSN in one loop, 6 RLS, 2PSN in one loop, 2 RLS
= 22 loops
4-13 rows to knit in a spiral to 22 sc
14) 5 СБН, 2 deductions, 13 СБН = 20 loops
15) 4СБН, 2 deductions, 12 СБН = 18 loops
Fill the detail, fold it in half along the length, stitch
to fasten from the inside.
continue knitting
16) 18 sc in a circle
17) This series knit only behind the back wall
loops: (decrease) repeat 9 times = 9pieces
18) Decrease before closing the hole. Tear off the thread, tighten
hole, adding before the filler.
Attach the thread in the place where the front walls were left
loops. Thread in the middle from the palm.
19) 17 sc, turn knitting
20) 1VP climb, 17 sc, rotate
21-22 rows) repeat the series 20
1) 2 VP, 6Sb on the second from the hook loop
2) (1 sc, increment) x3 = 9th wheel
3) 9 CBN in a circle
4 and 5 series) decrease, 3СБН, increase, 3СБН
6) 3SSN, 1SBN, 3SS, 2SBN
7) 2СН in one loop, 1СНН, 2ССН in one loop, 1СБН, СС
Tear off the thread, fill the finger and sew to the glove.
With white finer threads tie the edge of the glove
From the chain VP make laces. Zashnuvat 'them
gloves, tie the ends of the laces.

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