Cozy slippers crochet

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Dial 17 vozd. pet +3 pet lifting, in the 4th pet is a magnificent column, skip 1 pet and another magnificent column — so 9 magnificent columns. 
3 nt lift, knit lush columns between the columns of the previous row-8 columns. 
And so we knit without forgetting about the lifting loops. We finish with two magnificent columns — we cut off the thread. 
Attach the thread to the right side of the triangle — dial 24 inlet. (The hostess of this master class gained 24 loops for 36 sizes, I gained 30 loops for 36 sizes. Apparently depends on the thickness of the thread. It is necessary to measure.) And connect on the opposite side with a semi-column. 
We knit a shoe-1 row-3 nest lift, 24 double crochets, we also knit 3 double crochets into 1 loop of each row of the triangle in the center of the toe, 3 small bars with nak. between the lush columns and then the other half to connect polastolbikom. 
2nd row-3 pillar. lift and double crochets to the end, connect with a semi-column, 3rd row as well. 
4th row-3 vozd. lift loops, tied to the middle and 3 pillars with NAC together, tied to toe-3 pillar. with nak together. So we knock down the 5,6,7 rows on the heel and toe, thus we round out the sole.

We finish knitting with a sole.

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