White Summer Top Free Pattern

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Dimensions: 38/40 (44 in). 
You will need: yarn (78% cotton, 22% silk; 80 m/50 g)-500 (600) G pink; Spokes № 5.5; Circular Spokes № 4.5. 
Strap Pattern: 1 row Facial, 2 rows purl = 3 rows. 
Openwork pattern (on 17 loops): Knit SOGL. Diagram 1. On it are given facial and Purls ranks. Constantly repeating 1-26 series. 
Attention: The highlighted gray loops refer to the lower neck of the front. 
Through pattern: number of loops multiple 5, knit SOGL. Diagram 2. On it are given facial and Purls ranks. Constantly repeating rapport and 1-6-th series. 
Distribution of patterns (1-st size): * 17 p. openwork pattern, 5 p. Through pattern, from * Repeat 2 more times, 17 p. pattern of the strap = 83 p. 
Distribution of patterns (2nd size): * 5 p. Through pattern, 17 p. openwork pattern, from * Repeat 3 more times, 5 p. Through pattern = 93 p. 
Purl surface. 
The Density of Knitting: 16.5 x 22.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm-distribution of patterns and through pattern. 
Backrest: On the spokes № 5.5 to dial 85 (95) p. And for the strap to link 1 cm = 3 rows of pattern trims, and start with 1 Iznanochnogo series. Then between the Kromokrany continue work sogl. Distribution of patterns Through 52.5 cm = 118 R. (55 cm = 124 R.) from the strap close for shoulder bevel on both sides 1 x 3 (4) p., then in each 2nd row close 1 x 3 p. and 4 x 4 p. (5 x 4 p.). At the Same time with the 1st lower arm for the neck, close the middle 19 p. and both sides to finish separately. After 58 cm = 130 R. (60.5 cm = 136 R.) from the plank close the remaining 11 (14) shoulder. 
Before: Knit as a backrest, but for a deeper neck already in the 64 series (= Seamy series or 12-th row openwork pattern) from the plank to close the average of 5 p. and first finish the left side of the neck, with the inner loop becomes kromovyj = 40 (45) p. For Rounding On an internal edge to reduce in each lyceum row 7 x 1 P., for this purpose not to carry out last scale in a pattern accordingly (see the highlighted grey loops of a scheme) = 33 (38) n. To keep the number of loops unchanged in the course of further work instead of the last double- On the edge of the neck to perform a simple ubavku (= 2 loops to touch along with the inclination to the left). Shoulder Bevel Run as on the backrest. At the height of the backrest close the remaining 11 shoulder. The Right side of the neck to perform in a mirrored display. To maintain the unchanged number of loops instead of the first double Ubawka on the edge of the neck to touch the two loops together the front. 
Sleeves: Dial on the spokes № 5.5 for each sleeve on 59 (64) loops and tie the bar as on the backrest. Continue work as follows: Chrome, 1 p. reverse Gladyu, 55 (60) p. Through pattern, 1 p. reverse Gladyu, Chrome. After 32 cm = 72 p. From the strap close for a low sleeve sleeves on both sides 1 x 3 p., then in each 2nd row close 4 x 3 p. Through 36.5 cm = 82 p. From the plank close the remaining 29 (34) p. 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams. For a running dial on circular spokes on the edge of the neck of the backrest 36 p., on the sides of the neck of the front to 53 (57) p. and between them in the middle of the neck front of 5 loops. At all 147 (155) p. Tie 3 circular rows of the front, then close all the loops, like facial Sew sleeves, perform side seams and seams sleeves.

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