Beautiful free pattern for a sock

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Type 12 loops on each knitting needle. 
and then figure 
1 row-3litz, 2 vm. persons (behind the front wall), nakid, 1litz, 

2ravitsa 2litz 2vm. persons, NAC, 
2 persons, 3 row-1 persons, 2 vm. persons, NAC, 3 persons. 
4ryad-2 vm. Persons, NAC, 4 persons. 
5ryad-1litz, NAC, 2vm.litsy broach, 3litz. 
6ryad-2litz, NAC, 2Vm persons broach, 2litz 
7ryad-3its, NAK, 2Vm. persons broach, 1litz. 
8ryad-4litz, NAK, 2vm. Persons broach, 
choose any height and then knit as usual sock.

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