Cardigan with floral sleeves free pattern

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SIZE 34/36 

YOU NEED Yarn (100% cotton, 110 m / z 50) - 200 g of beige-brown, 150 g of mint and pistachio 100 g of pink-vinno- red; Knitting needles number 5; hook number 5. 

The number of loops is a multiple of 6 + 1 + 2 chrome. 

Knit according to the scheme. On it are given facial rows. In the purl ranks knit all the loops by drawing or as indicated. 

Start with 1 chrome. and loops before rapport, rapport constantly repeat, finish loops after rapport and 1 chrome. 1–8th p. constantly repeat. 

Run the initial chain of 8 vp, close it with 1 conn. Art. in the ring and knit according to the scheme of knitting in 1 circular rows, with the 1 st and 3 rd round. start with 1 vp instead of 1st st. b / n and finish 1 connection Art. in ce lifting, 2nd round. start with 3 vp instead of 1st st. s / n and finish 1 connection Art. In the base of the art. s / n 

After the 1st and 2nd krug.r. Cut the thread and pull it through the last loop on the hook, then attach the new thread in the same place for the next round row. 

1–3rd circle. run 1 time.

All the following motives to knit in the same way, but in the last circular row, attach to the previous motif in the places indicated by arrows as follows: in the corners, after completing the “knob”, knit 1 additional connection. Art. in the "bump" of the adjacent motive; in the middle of the edge perform instead of the average ce arches 1 connect Art. in average vp adjacent arch. If several motifs are closed by corners, then every next connection. Art. perform for the connection in the 1st section of the connection. 

The sequence of lanes 

The initial series and the 1st round. to tie a beige-brown thread, 2 nd circle. tie a rose-wine red thread and the 3 rd circle. tie a mint-pistachio thread, with the thread of each color continue to use from the same coil to change the color of the sectionally colored thread. 

The initial number of loops is a multiple of 3. 

Knit in circular rows according to the knitting scheme 2 directly along the edges of the pullover. 

Each circular row to start with the designated number vp instead of the 1st paragraph and from the loops before the rapport, repeat the rapport, finish with the loops before the beginning of the circle row and 1 conn. Art. in ce lift or base tied together Art. s / n 

After the 2nd and 3rd krug.r. go through 1 conn. Art. to the beginning of the next circle row, as a result of which the beginning of the circle row will shift to the left. 

1–5th circle. run 1 time. 

24 p. X 31 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a relief pattern; 
crocheted motif = 10 x 10 cm; 
16 p. Of the initial series x 5 krug.r. = 10 x 5.5 cm, connected by a pattern for slats


Beige-brown thread dial 99 knitting needles on the knitting needles and knit with a relief pattern. 

Through 23 cm = 72 p. from the initial row close on both sides for bevels raglan 1 x 3 p., then 27 x 1 p. in each 2nd p. 

Through 41 cm = 128 p. from the initial row close the remaining 39 p. 

Knitting, like a back. 

Execute 10 motifs in the above sequence of lanes and connect them according to the layout pattern of motifs in accordance with the numbers. 

Motifs 1 and 4 protrude beyond the seam line of the sleeve and therefore are shown with a fold. The upper edges of motifs 9 and 10 belong to the neck. 

Tie the lower edges of the sleeves 5.5 cm = 5 krug.r. mint-pistachio thread pattern for the slats, while in the 1st round. perform after attaching the thread 1 vp instead of 1st st. b / n and link 47 Art. b / n 

The sides of the motifs 9 + 7, the top edge of the motive 4, as well as the sides of the motifs 8 + 10, tie 1 r. With a mint-pistachio thread at one time. Art. b / n = raglan edges. 

Run raglan seams as well as side seams. 

Tie the bottom edge of the pullover with a mint-pistachio thread with a pattern for slats 5.5 cm = 5 krug.r., with the 1st krug.r. after attaching the thread perform 1 vp instead of 1st st. b / n and link 131 Art. b / n

Tie a neck with a mint-pistachio thread 2.5 cm = 3 krug.r. pattern for slats as follows: in the 1st krug.r. to tie each edge of the square 14 tbsp. b / n, while art. b / n to perform under the arch of the VP; on the closed edge of the back and front to perform at 36 st. b / n = 128 art. b / n 

In the 2nd round. knit together art. s / n to perform in every 4th century. b / n previous circular series = 32 "cones". 3rd and 4th round. the pattern does not perform, and finish immediately 5th krug.r.

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