Short bolero with openwork pattern

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S / M - L / XL - XXL - XXXL 

Yarn DROPS SAFRAN (100% cotton, 50 g / 160 m) 4-5-5-6 skeins of white color, hosiery and circular needles 3.5 mm 
Density knitting 

23 loops and 30 rows = 10x10 cm front stocking viscous 
Description of the female openwork bolero with knitting needles 

How to perform additions: additions are performed with the help of naquids, the next. knit out of out. cross loop. 

Note: knitting begins with the details of the back knitting in a circle from the center. Next, knit sleeves. 


Start knitting on stocking needles and then, when necessary, go to the circular needles. Dial 12 points, distribute 3 loops into 4 needles and put 4 markers, dividing these loops trace. in the following way: 1 marker - between 3 and 4 loops, 2 markers - between 6 and 7 loops, 3 marker - between 9 and 10 loops, 4 marker - between 12 and 1 loops. Knit under the scheme A.1 (choose the scheme that matches the size), on the needles only 252-268-284-300 p., That is, each side of the square = 63-67-71-75 p. Continue knitting on the first 63 67-71-75 p. (That is, on the loops between the 1st and 4th markers), the rest of the loop to transfer to the add. knitting needle.

Knit in rows. In the next individuals. R. continue: knit 2 loops from the first loop of the row, 0-2-4-6 persons. Clause 61 of Scheme A.2, 0-2-4-6. p., knit from the last. row loops 2 loops. Next, continue to trace. way: 1 chrome. 1-3-5-7 with the front satin stitch, A.2, finish the row symmetrically. 

Only for sizes L / XL-XXL-XXXL: next. individuals. R. add 1 p. on each side, repeat a series of additions in each persons. R. another 2-4-8 p. = 75-83-95 p. Added loops knit facial surface.

For all sizes: after full vert. rapport scheme A.2 knit: 1 chrome. p., 27-32-36-42 p. of the front satin stitch, 9 p. according to scheme A.3, 27-32-36-42 p. of the front satin finish, 1 chrome. n. Run 2 vert. rapport schemes and then tie another 0-6-0-4 p. facial smoothing. In the next individuals. R. evenly reduce 3-1-1-3 p. and perform 1 out. R. from p. Continue knitting under scheme A.4 on all loops, doing 2-2-3-3 times vert. rapport pattern. Then knit according to the pattern A.5 and at the same time in the 1st row evenly subtract 0-0-2-0 p. Close the loop after the vert. rapport pattern. 

Knit the second part between the 2nd and 3rd markers in the same way. 


Run the seams of the sleeves 27 cm up from the edge.

Edge bolero: dial from the front side on the circular needles on the edge of the bolero 206-234-254-270 p. Trace. way: 20-25-28-30 p. from the seam of the sleeve to the pending loops, 63-67-71-75 persons. n. with add. Spokes, 40-50-56-60 p. from pending loops along the edge, 63-67-71-75 persons. n. with add. Knitting needles, 20-25-28-30 p .; and perform 1 lap ip. R., at the same time put 4 mark trail. way: 40-47-52-56 out. n., put a marker, 23 out. n., put the marker, 80-94-104-112 internal. n., put a marker, 23 out. n., put a marker, knit to the end of the circle. Note: during the execution of applications do not knit them between 1 and 2 markers (neckline) and between 3 and 4 markers (center of the back). Run 1 circle of faces. p. and at the same time evenly add 14-15-18-22 p. = 220-249-272-292 p. Next. circle knit wear. P.

Continue according to scheme A.6 on all the loops and at the same time in the 1st circle evenly add 14-15-16-20 p. = 234-264-288-312 p. Repeat the vert. repeat the pattern 2 times and uniformly add to the 1st circle of the second repetition 24-30-36-36 p. = 258-294-324-348 p. Close all loops very freely.

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