Women Tunic Free Pattern

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size 42. The density of the scarf knitting on the needles No. 3.5 10 cm. = 20 p. Nabirala: neck circumference = 49 cm. = 98. p. 98-8p (raglan lines 2 loops each) = 90p: 3 = 30 loops. 
30 loops - back 
30 loops in front, 15 loops on each shelf. 
30 loops - 2 sleeves, 15 items each. 
For the smell to each shelf added 10 loops. 
Total recruit: 1 edge + 25 p. Shelf + 2 p. Reglan line + 15 p. Sleeve + 2 p. Reglan line + 30 p. Backrest + 2 p. Raglan line + 15 p. Sleeve + 2 p. Reglan line + 25 p. Shelf + edge = 120 loops. In each second row, before and after raglan lines, 1 p. Was added. Reglan lines can be made 1 loop instead of 2.
So, I scored number 3.5 on the spokes 120 loops and knitted 20 rows of garter stitch. Then she moved to the spokes number 5, so as not to tighten the canvas. Braids 5 * 5 loops, between braids on 3 purl. Overlaid braids on the sleeves in each 8 row, on the back 6 times in each 8 and 2 times in every 12 row., On the shelves 4 times in each 8 and 4 times in each 12. When the back width became what you need, I have 44cm , removed the loop of the sleeves for additional knitting needles and continued to knit the back and the shelves with a single canvas. Under the armhole when removed the loop of the sleeves for extra. knitting needles, I had 7 facial. To put the canvas down, I added 8 times 1 loop in each 8 row before and after the facial ones, that is, I added only 4 loops in the row. After the last overlap, the braid knitted 10 more rows in the pattern, then 8 rows of garter stitch and closed all the loops. There were about 207 loops, I don’t remember exactly. Then she tied a scythe: scored 12 loops (chrome, 1 side, 8 faces, 1 side, chrome) and tied the braid 4 * 4, overlapping in each 8 row, of the desired length, if you honestly did not measure how much. Sewed braid. Then I gathered around 207 loops along the edge and tied 18 rows of garter stitch, closed all the loops. The sleeves sewed 6 rows with a front satin stitch and 8 r with garter stitch, closed, sewed.
number of loops in braids 5 * 5. In order for the flaking to the bottom, you need to add loops either on the sides, including in the front or seamy surface, or in the braids, thereby making the braids wider. I added sang side by side for 4 persons. in every 8 row. For example, she removed the loop of the sleeves on additional needles, knit back and shelves together. After 8 rows in the row it turns out: 
left shelf1 chrome, 1 w, 20 p. Braids, 3 ws, 10 p. Braids, 3 ws, +1 persons, 6 n. Of the front surface (side, under the armhole), + 1 persons back 3 life, 10 s. Braid, 3 life, 10 s. Braid, 3 life, 10p. braids, 3 life lines, + 1 persons, 6 p. of front surface (side, under armhole), + 1 persons, right shelf 3 w, 10 p. braids, 3 ws, 10 p. braids, 1 wed, 1 chrome.

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