Knitted women headband

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You will need: 100 g of yarn (65% wool, 35% alpaca 75m / 50g), knitting needles No. 
4.5. Patterns: according to schemes No. 1, No. 2, No. 3. Shawl knitting: persons. and izn. rows of 
faces. loops. The density of knitting faces. Stitch: 18 loops and 23 rows = 10 x 10 

Job Description 
On the needles, dial 25 loops and knit 2 rows of 
garter stitch. 
Next row by faces. knit to the side as 
follows: 3 garter stitches, pattern No. 1 (= 19 stitches), 3 
garter stitches. After completing the pattern number 1 on the needle 30 loops. 
knit with pattern No. 2 and 3 
garter stitch loops on each side to a height of 52-57 cm, finish after 11 or 23 rows of pattern No. 2. Then knit the 
pattern No. 3 and 3 garter stitch loops on each side (= 25 loops on the 
spoke ). 
After the pattern number 3, we knit 2 rows of kerchief and 
close the loop . 
Build Stitch the short side of the dressing in the middle of the back
parts, capturing 2 rows of garter knit on each side.

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