Striped Jumpsuit and Plaid of Openwork Pattern

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Age: (0-3) 6 (12) months

Dimensions of the finished product:
Breast Girth-(48) 53 (60) cm, leg length-(18) 22 (30) cm, the length of the upper part-(32) 34 (40) cm, total length-(50) 56 (70) cm. 

Materials: Yarn Sandnes Mini alpakka (100% Alpaca, 150m/50 g)-(100) 100 (150) G dark gray color and (50) 100 (100) G light gray color, straight and circular spokes № 2.5 and № 3.

Elastic band 1x1: Knit alternately 1 persons. N. and 1 N. P.

Facial surface: Faces. Rows of persons. Hinges, Series-Izn. Loop For circular knitting-only persons. Loops.

Density of Knitting: 27 p. Persons. The needles on the spokes № 3 = 10 cm.

Alternating colored stripes: knit * 2 rows of light gray and 2 rows of dark gray thread *, repeat *-*.

Knit from bottom to top. For one leg dark gray thread dial on the spokes № 2.5 (45) 51 (55) p., Knit straight and reverse rows (8) 8 (9) cm Rubber band 1x1 as follows: (1st row-seamy) 1 chrome, P., * 1 N. N., 1 persons. P. *, repeat *-*, at the end of the series Knit 1 N. P. and Crom. P. 

Then change the spokes on № 3 and bring 1 row of faces. Loops, evenly increasing the number of hinges to (55) 61 (65) p. Change the thread to light gray and continue to knit faces. By alternating the colored strips in the sequence indicated above. 

Thus for lateral Skosov add on 1 p. From both parties (from internal parties from Krom. P.) through each (1) 1.5 (1.5) SM until on spokes in total (71) 77 (87) p. On height of work (18) 22 (30) SM postpone loops. Tie the second leg similarly

Then move the loops of both legs on circular spokes № 3, dialing between the pants on both sides of 4 p. = (150) 162 (182) p. Follow the labels on both sides of the middle 4 p. Front and back. Knit faces. With a smooth twist, continuing to alternate strips. Thus in each 2nd row on both parties from the marked loops reduce on 1 p. In total 5 times. 

do so: Knit until the mark will not remain 2 p., bring 2 p. Together persons., then bring the marked 4 persons. N, and 2 p. Persons together. The scraper. After the decrease on the spokes should remain (130) 142 (162) p. Continue to knit straight to the height of work (42) 47 (59) cm. Then for armholes close on both sides to 6 p. and then each side knit separately.

Backrest: On the spokes (59) 65 (75) p. Knit faces. Smooth straight and reverse rows, continuing to alternate strips. In this case, for rounding the Armi lower on both sides in each 2nd row (3, 2, 1, 1) 3, 2, 1, 1, 1 (3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1) p. = (45) 49 (55) p. At the height of the armhole (6) 7 (8) cm After the light gray strip set aside loops.

Before: The armholes are knit like a backrest. At the height of the armhole (4) 5 (6) cm after the light gray strip set aside loops.

Assembly: On circular spokes, move the deferred loops of the backrest and front, on the armholes evenly dial the loops (1 p. With each loop edge, skipping each 4-th loop).

The number of loops must be multiple 2. Knit a dark gray thread in a circular 2.5 cm rubber band 1x1. In the next Row on the back of the 7 p. On the drawing (strap), close (31) 35 (41) p., Proyalite 7 p. On the figure (strap), close the remaining loops.

Then knit each strap separately (8) 8 (10) cm Rubber band 1x1. At the same time, at the height (7) 7 (9) cm, tie the buttonholes. To do this, bind 2 p., close 3 p., put 2 p. In the next row in the place of closed loops, dial the new 3 p.

Then tie the inner edges of the trousers as follows: On the back edge of the dark gray thread evenly dial loops (1 p. With each loop edge), the number of loops should be multiple 2 + 1 p. Knit straight and reverse rows of 2.5 cm elastic band 1x1 as follows: (1st Row-seamy) 1 chrome. P., * 1 N. N., 1 persons. P. *, repeat *-* at the end of the series Knit 1 N. P. and Crom. P. Close the loops on the picture. 

Evenly follow (11) 13 (15) labels at the buttons. The cutting edge is similar, but at height of a lath 1.5 sm in the marked places tie loops for buttons. Sew the buttons.

Crochet plaid of openwork motifs

Size: 70 x 90 cm
You will need: Yarn Sandnes Mini alpakka (100% Alpaca, 150 m/50 g)-200 g light gray color, 150 g dark gray and white color, hook № 3.5.

Plaid consists of openwork motives, connected according to the scheme. The colors alternate in the following order: Motive 1-knit 2 rows of white, 2 rows of light gray and 2 rows of dark gray thread; Motive 2-knit two rows of light grey, two rows of dark gray and two rows of white thread; Motive 3-knit two rows of dark gray, two rows of light gray and two rows of white thread. Tie in 21 different types of motive.

Assembly: Sew the motifs between a dark gray thread, as shown in the figure. Tie a blanket around the perimeter of a dark gray thread 1 near the art. b/N, in the corners of 3 art. b/N in one loop.

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