Crochet Leaf Shawl Free Pattern

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One size, easily adjustable.
You can tie it like a big shawl, or you can just like a small handkerchief.

After blocking:
Span: 210 cm
Height: 70 cm

Materials and tools for knitting:

Thin yarn/4 PLY as shown in the photo (big shawl) ± 900 meters.
Straight or circular spokes size 3.5 mm
Knitting needle

The density of knitting is not very important, but it affects the size of your shawls.

Sample: 23 Loops and 44 Series (= 22 Rubchik) (after blocking) = 10 x 10 cm.
The shawl is connected in a lateral direction and begins with the cord I-cord. The basic part of shawls is knitted by a platelkoj with exquisite openwork leaves forming a fringe of the bottom edge.
The edge of the toothed form is formed by the protruding tips of the leaves. Inclined lines are formed using German shortened rows.


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