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I want to share with you a fairly simple basket, crocheted. 
Especially ahead there are so many holidays !!!! The basket contacted spontaneously. Without schemes .... But I'll try to explain After the adventure with Alik I have left the top part of the plastic bottle (0.5 or 0.33 liters - I do not remember, but it does not matter). I cut off her cap with a neck and the excess height remained a cup without a bottom about 4 cm tall - this is the inner frame of the basket.
Next, I connected 2 mugs for the bottom of a thick market yarn according to the usual scheme of increases: 6-12-18-24 I put together these 2 mugs and next row joined them together for internal half loops, making concurrent increases of 30 sb. It turned out quite a dense bottom with free external 30 half loops on the last row and 24 half loops along the previous row of one of the circles. On 24 loops we knit the inner part of the basket with columns with a crochet, making increments in each row until the knitting height reaches the height by the plastic of the calyx. I got 5 rows of SSN and 54 SSNs in the last row. 
The outer part of the basket I knitted block-column
since they are much wider than usual columns, then on 30 loops of the bottom I have only 21 block-column. We knit 5 rows in a circle with block-columns without increments. We do not break the thread. 
We insert a plastic blank between the inner and outer knitted cloths and connect them together with a sbn - only 54 sb in a circle. 
For the handle, dial 8 air loops and knit in a circle 8sbn for the front loop to the desired length. insert the wire into the handle for stability. sew to the basket. 
That's all. 
Dimensions of my basket: height without a handle = 5 cm, with a handle = 14 cm, diameter at the top = 7 cm. 
I hope I did not explain it very intricately. I tied this basket to a bunny ..... well, and a carrot for a full hare 
But, the basket can also be used as a gift part, having beaten with various ornaments for a specific gift to the appropriate date. 1.

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