Knit crochet cute souvenir for Valentines Day

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Valentine's Day is a wonderful holiday filled with joy, 
love and happiness. On this day, you can say “I love” even to those for whom you did not dare to pronounce these words at another time. And, of course, sweet good 
Valentine gifts will remind your loved ones of your feelings. 
Today we suggest you crochet a valentine. 
It will take quite a bit of time to create such a charming heart on a stick, and 
it will bring incomparably more joy . You can put this valentine card in a postcard, stick it in a bouquet or a flower pot, decorate a festive table with it or your 
gift, use it as a props for a romantic photo shoot ... 

So, let's get started! 

To create a knitted valentine we need:
* Yarn "Baby" (Trinity Factory): 20% wool, 80% acrylic, skein weight - 50 g., Thread length - 135 m. Any color suitable for your valentine. 
* Hook 1.75 
* Filling (holofiber, sintepon) 
* Bamboo skewers (it is better to cut off the sharp tip) 
* Instant glue-gel 
* Satin ribbons 

Note: you can use a different yarn and a suitable hook to it. 
The recommended thickness of the yarn is the 
optimal size of the hearts - approximately 6 to 6 cm. 

vp - air loop 
sbn - column without nakida 
ss - connecting column 
pr - increase - 2 sbn in one loop 
kill3 - decrease three - 3 sbn

The heart can be knitted in finished rows, connecting the beginning and end of the row and starting each new one with a lifting loop. But you can also knit in a 
spiral, then you will need a marker to mark the beginning of the row and not lose count of the loops and rows. 

Description of work. 

The upper part of the heart is “cups”. 2 pieces 
1 row: 6sbn in the amigurumi ring or in the air loop. 
2 row: (increase) - 6 times (12) 
3 row: (sbn, pr) - 6 times (18) 
4-5 rows: 18 sbn Fasten 

and cut the thread on one "cup". We do not tear off the second working thread, we continue knitting: we make an air loop and a connecting stitch into the second “cup”. Next, knit a single row in a circle.
6 row: 18 sbn on the first "cup", 1 sbn in the air loop between the cups, 18 sbn on the second "cup", 1 sbn in the air loop between the cups (38) 
7 row: 16 sbn, decreasing triple (central loop in decreasing it should come to sbn, which we knitted into an air loop between cups, and in the following rows - to decrease the previous row), 16 sbn, ub3. (34) 
8th row: (14 sbn, ub3) - 2 times (30) 
9th row: (12 sbn, ub3) - 2 times (26) 
10th row: (10 sbn, ub3) - 2 times (22) 
11th row : (8 sbn, ub3) - 2 times (18) 
12th row: (6 sbn, ub3) - 2 times (14) 
Fill the heart with filler. 
13 row: (4 sbn, ub3) - 2 times (10) 
14 row: (2 sbn, ub3) - 2 times (6) 
15 row: 6 sbn

Thread to fasten, cut, hide tip. With the help of bamboo sticks, add more filler to the heart. 
The stick must be glued so that the heart does not fly away from it at the most inopportune moment. 
How to do it? 
Insert the stick into the heart for the maximum length, then slightly pull the stick (literally 3-4 mm), put glue on it and 
quickly insert the stick back. 

Now you can decorate the heart with a bow of satin ribbon. And give your loved one!

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