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From it you can sew cozy uggs. 
First of all, you need to make a Uggs pattern. 

We will need patterns of four parts: soles, toe, front and back of the shaft. All these patterns can be made by painting your foot on paper. Do not forget to only make allowances for seams of 1.5 - 2 centimeters. 
Having made a Uggs paper pattern and having made sure that all the parts 
fit together, transfer the pattern to the fabric and cut out the details of the 
future soft boots. 
Cutting blanks for two boots, begin to stitch them. Unfortunately, the household sewing machine with this task will not cope, therefore it is necessary to sew on hands.
It is best to use a strong and neat seam over the edge, and the seams should be located on the outside of the product. The sock is sewn first to the front of the shaft, then the back of the shaft is attached, the sole is sewn last. In order to uggs did not fall down, on the upper edge of the boots you can stretch the cord, which will fix the shoes on the foot. 
And finally, do not take some more time to decorate your ugg boots. Showing imagination, you will get not only comfortable, but also beautiful home shoes. As decoration elements you can use pompons of different colors and sizes, clasps, velcro, lacing, etc. 
The number of options is not limited!

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