Crochet Star Ornamental Pattern

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Difficulty: Low
Working time: 1 hour
Materials: Jute, braid, linen lace, button, hook, holfayber, foam, jute twine

Perhaps the Master class on knitting of a star you have already met here. But I suggest you tie a Christmas fir-tree toy out of a jute twine. It would seem completely unsuitable for this material, in fact it turns out to be almost the best for this purpose. The stars of jute as if escaped from the doll tildy and found themselves on the tree, giving your home a lot of warmth and coziness.

So we need:

Jute twine.
Hook № 3.5.
A holfayber or other filler. I have small pieces of foam rubber.
Linen braid and a button or a bead for furnish.

A couple of tips for choosing jute:

 For knitting is best suited jute twine, which is labeled "2-thread" and linear density of 2x 560 Tex. It is softer, not so much shaggy.
 When choosing, pay attention to the color-the whole jute, which I met at different manufacturers, is different in color. If you wish, of course, you can pre-paint twine. For this purpose the dyes "jeans" and, oddly enough, a stain for a tree perfectly suit. 
First we need to tie two circles. It will be the core of the star on which we will be able to tie the rays.

There are many ways to start knitting. You can dial the chain of the air loops and lock in the ring, you can dial 2 air loops and knit further into the core of the first loop. I make a sliding loop, which I then tighten.

From the middle pull the air loop and knit 6 columns without a scale in the resulting ring.

We continue knitting on a scheme. In the last row there should be 25 columns without a scale.

We fix the last buttonhole, knit the second circle.

Now we start to tie the Archers. For this purpose we take 1 circle. We put on it 6 columns without a scale. Take the second round and continue to knit another 6 bars without a scale. Lock our range into a circle and that's what happens

This is the base of the archer. Next knit with a lower side:

1 row: 4 St. b/N, 2 St. b/N together, 4 St. b/N, 2 St. b/N together.

2 row: 3 St. b/N, 2 St. b/n together, 3st. b/N, 2 St. b/N together.

3 row: 2st. b/N, 2 St. b/n together, 2st. b/N, 2 St. b/N together.

For more acute rays knit last 4 row: 1st. b/N, 2 St. b/N together, 1st. b/N, 2 St. b/N together.

Thread cut, bind the remaining loops, hide the tip.

Knit the second Ray. Insert the hook into the last loop of the previous ray.

and knit the same way as the first.

After knitting the third Ray I begin to fill our star filler.

The rest of the Archers are stuffed as they are knitting.

Before you pull the loops on the last fifth Ray, prepare a rope, for which we will hang a star on the tree.

Fix it, bind loops.

The star is ready, now make the décor.

You can let your imagination get a little. But since I love everything simple, then my star looks like this.

The size of the finished star is obtained within 13 cm, it all depends on the thickness of jute and the density of knitting.

You can also aromatize toys with fir or orange oil. To do this, you need a drop of oil to drip on the filler before stuffing the star, only need to let it soak.

Thank you for your attention! This is my first master class and I will be happy to hear your feedback and recommendations.

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