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Hello everyone. You will still have time to please your soulmate with such a woman. 



You will need: 
- Yarn with an average thickness of 60 grams. 
- Knitting stockings recommended number. 
- Hook. 
- A thread of a contrast color with a needle, for embroidery. 

Handles can be knit completely one color. 

Dial 2 loops. 
Knit the front satin stitch, adding at the end of each row by 1p., Until the needle is 28p. 
Then knit right 8 p. 
Further, knitting should be divided into 2 parts-14 p. From the beginning of the row knit 12 p., 13th and 14-th loop-together. 
Then turn and knit knitting, diminishing at the end of each row, 1 p., Until the point needs 4 p. On the spoke. Close them. 

The second part is knit similarly. 

Link 2 parts, on one of them to make embroidery.
Then crochet the parts, stuffing with filler for toys. 

Now knit handles in a circle on 3 needles. Dial 15 p. Spread 5 p. On each knitting needle. 
Knit 30 p., While in the 30th p. Transfer 5 loops from one needle to the pin (as for mittens). 
In the next row, in the place of the removed loops, dial 5 loops from the air ones. Knit 2 more rubles, and go on to knitting the fingers. 

The first finger. 
To 5 loops from the 1st knitting needle, dial another 5 loops = 10 points, distribute into 3 knitting needles. Knit 12 p. Then knit 2 items together, until 3 items remain. From the thread, pull the tip down. 

The second finger.
From the collected loops of the first finger (along the bottom edge), dial 4 points, add 2 points from one needle, dial 2 points, add another 2 points from the other needles = 10 points, knit like the first finger. 

The third finger. 
On two needles we have left 3p. Add 4 paragraphs from the “jumper” of the second finger to them = 10 point again. Knit a finger in the same way as the previous two. 

Now go to the knitting "big" fingers. 
Transfer the loops from the pin to the knitting needle and take 5 loops from the place where the air loops were gathered, we have formed 10 items. And again, we knit the finger using the same technology. 

The fingers are not too tight, the handles are very weak, otherwise they will not cuddle) 
About 1 cm in the upper part of the handles do not fill. 
Sew handles to heart. 


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