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To tie openwork gloves is a dream of youth. And for many years, seemed unattainable. But here came a moment when the desire was multiplied by baseless courage ... Maybe it was a pre-release syndrome ?!

Threads that I used. The color is consonant with the color of the stole and demi-season coat. One hitch was enough for gloves and mitts (Profitable !!! ). Hook # 1.

As you have already noticed, I took the simplest drawing - air loops and columns with a crochet. After all, these gloves - a feather sample and a long-cherished dream! Therefore, for me it was very important that the idea was implemented! derisive.

So, have begun!

1p. - Dial a chain of 52 air loops (bp), close the loop with a connecting loop; 4 cp. lifting for each new series

2p. - 1 bp, 1 spool with a crochet (ssn), at the end of the row vp, connecting loop- we get 26 cells of a sirloin net;

3p.-7p. - We knit as the second. It is not superfluous to try on the "glove" on the arm - does the hand go well and is it not too loose.

8p. - for the thumb you need to make an increase. I made it at the end of the series: vp, 1ss, vp, 1ss in the same loop of the previous row, vp, connecting loop to the second lifting loop (this complexity will be clearly understood when you get to the end series)

9p.-10p. - a sirloin grid

11p. - the palm expands and therefore it is necessary to make the increase. For uniformity, made 4 increments through 5 cells of a sirloin net. Addition, as in the 8th row: vp, 1ss, vp, 1ss (in the same loop of the base), vp, connecting loop. The photo is circled.

It is important to make the last increase over the increase in the 8th row!

12r.-13r. - a sirloin grid

14p.-18p. fillet mesh, BUT leave a "hole" for the thumb. In the 14th row we do not bind 2 cells, unfold, 4 vp. rise for the 15th row and continue to 1ss, cp. (look at the picture). So we knit until the 19th row.

19r. - a sirloin mesh, at the end of the row we sew a chain of 3в.п., we close a row in a circle with a connecting loop.

Cell for the thumb 2 cells in width and 5 in height (5 rows)

20r.-25r. - a sirloin. Now you can try on and admire the unfinished mitten!derisive

Liked on all sides blush2

and tied up to the base of the fingers

Now we proceed to the most difficult - to untie the fingers.

Forefinger. The glove folded exactly twice, focusing on the hole for the thumb. From the fold, count 4.5 cells in the opposite direction (ie in the direction of the middle finger of the hand). Insert a hook into the corner of the found cell, fix the thread. Type a chain of 3 bp. and connect the gloves with the other side. Above each cell we sew arches from 3 vp, close the circle with a connecting loop. In the second row, the arches are arranged in staggered order over the arches of the first row. After the second row, try on - the "ringlet" of arches should fit the finger well.

We knit arches to the middle of the last phalanx of the finger. Then we alternate the arches from 3 cp. with arches from 2 v. After 2 rows we pass to the arches only from 2 cp. and we sew so one row. Next row alternate arches of 2 loops with a 1st air loop. Try on. You can just pull off the remaining loops with a thread. I closed the top, tying the archet out of the 2 loops through 1 archek-cell of the previous row. The last loop is tightened, the thread is cut off and the end is hidden.

In the same way we knit the middle and ring fingers.

Knitting the little finger and the thumb immediately begin arches. For the thumb, I connected the arches with a sirloin net as follows (see the diagram): black squares are the corners of cells of a sieve net, the blue squares of the arches of air loops for tying a thumb.

Well, we put our fingers on! dance

Now you need to give the glove a finished look. First, I tied the bottom of the glove with columns without a crochet. Then she tied a row with "scallops". Just do not laugh with my schemes in "paint" - I do not know how to draw in a computer! 

And here is the RESULT!

You can add flirting to coquetry. Here is an intermediate option, as someone likes. And I decorated the second glove with a flower!derisive

Here is a new thing for myself during my five-day vacation from the sea, I created myself. yahooDescription tried to compile, as detailed as possible. Photos, perhaps, not all are successful, because It's hard to pose with one hand, and take another photo. When you start, much in the hands becomes clearer and more obvious. Believe it, it's easy to knit! It's enough to swim, tan, tee and admire the moonlit time! Ah, I love rest by the sea, a complete separation from civilization and chicanery!

If I did it the first time, then you will get it NECESSARILY !!! 

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