Cap with Knot Pattern

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Cap with a knot on the crown of the @knit_life
✔ We will knit a cap on the baby 0-3 months on the girth of the head about 40cm.
✔ Yarn-100% Merino Knits Baby Merino (footage: 50gr-125 m,
✔ Sample density on the spokes 3.5 mm after washing:
10cm = 24, 2p, i.e. 2.42 loops in 1cm.
Spokes: Chiagoo Metal 3.5

It is better to estimate in advance your density of knitting on a sample, and if it will coincide with mine-it is possible to use my number of loops.

1. We dial 80p on one spoke and lock in a circle. Knitting 6 rows of a binding-1st row of facial, 1 row of Purls.

2. Continue to knit facial smoothness of another 33 series.

3. We do Ubavki: divide a cloth on 4 straight parts, in each part the first loop mark a marker. Before each marker 1 loop shoot, the second Projazvayem faces, dress removed loop on the Projazazit (Two faces together with a slope to the left). The loop with the marker is knit face. After each marker knit 2 faces together (two facial along with a tilt to the right).
After a number of decreases knit 1row facial.

4. Repeat to alternate Ubavki through a series: 1 row Ubavki, 1row Facial, while on the spokes will not remain 16 loops.

5. Knit these 16 loops in a circle of facial, to turn out about 10 cm.

6. We do the following: * 1 persons, 2 persons together, 1 persons * * Repeat to the end of the series. Knit a number of facial. Ubavki: * 2 persons together, 1 persons * * Repeat to the end of the series. Ubavki: * 2 faces together * * Repeat to the end of the series.
As a result, there will be 4 loops, bind them and fill the threads.


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