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The model is suitable for a girl of 3-4 years. 
We need to prepare: 

yarn, with a composition of 50% wool and 50% cashmere, 50g by 200m - 250g; 
pork no2,5; 
hook No2; 
Button suitable for yarn color - 1 pc. 

individuals. Look - in persons. R. - persons / p., In izn. p. - ip / n; 
rubber - 1 l. p. / 1 ​​and. P.; 
list - CX. No1; 
chain - cf. No2; 
Serdechki - CX. No3; 
azhup - cf. No4; 
rice - cf. No5 

Weaving 142 p. And knit 8 p. pattern of "paper". Then, turning on the faces. Ch., provyazyvayem 2 p. In the second p. we do a decrease of 20 p. with equal interval. There are 122 items left. Next, we tackle the narrower “chain” and provyazyvayem 2 p. After him, we complete a full rapport of a “heart” figure. Again, we connect 2 p. "Chains".

From next p. proceed ĸ agyry. We make this pattern up to a height of 24cm with this pattern, subtracting p. 41 p. 

Remaining 81 p. A 

further fulfillment will be the following: 2 p. "Chains", 2 p. individuals. Ch., farther - rice. Having knitted 5 cm yoke, for shaping the armholes we close on both sides one by one according to 4 p., Then in each 2nd p. 1 time by 2 points, 2 times by 1 point. Having completed the cake to a height of 7cm, cover the middle section and cut back part of the backrest by closing. Tie up the cut on 7cm, close all PTL. The second part of the backrest is the same. 

Performed on cx. with a description for the back. The difference is in the depth of rollout. For transfer it runs on the 8cm level from the bottom of the coquette. Bringing the coquette to the right level, closing the central 13 p. After each fragment we knit from a separate coil. For beautiful rounding, close in even p. along the line one time for 3 ptl, 1 p. 2 ptl, 3 p. 1 pt. At the same level with the back, close the PTL. In the second part of the transfer we end by repeating these same returns. 

over 38 p. And knit 3cm rez-ki. The peak of the river. with equal intervals, we do an increase of 13 points. We get all 51 ptl. Go to the pattern of "chain". Having tied up 2 p., We continue our work with a sketch of "serdechki", we are doing another 2 p. "Chains".

Next, knit a binder, to increase the width, add in each 6th row in 11 sides by 1 p. On each side, the key is in the general figure of the pattern. Having finished up to a height of 30 cm from the set river, closing on both sides in 1 row 1 p. 4 p., 8 p. 2 p., 1 p. 3 p., 1 p. 4 p. The rest of the ptl close. 

The second rundown is performed according to this scheme with a description. 

Sewing the shoulders, sides. We make seams on the sleeves and sew them into the seams. 

To give a nice look to the mouth, we do the harness. Raise 98 pt of yarn and knit 3 cm rubber. Close ptl. Hook knit a chain of VP for spit. We write a button. ‌ ‍  

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