Yellow top and smell skirt kid

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Spectacular bright yellow delicate tops made from top and skirt. 
Dimensions: 92/98 (110/116) 128/134 
You will need: 300 (350) 400 g of yellow Jazz yarn (50% cotton, 50% polyacrylate, 125 m / 50 g); spokes number 3 and number 3.5; hook No. 3. Eraser, knitting needles No. 3: alternately 3 persons., 3 str.


Openwork pattern (width 14 p.): Knit according to the scheme, which lists only the faces. p., in the no. R. knit loops according to the figure, knits to knit out. Repeat rapport and from 1 st to 10 th р. 
Attention! The number of napkin in the pattern must correspond to the number of dimmed loops. 
Pico: * 3 Air. etc., 1 connection. Art. in the first air. etc., skip 1 point of the previous circular series, 1 connection. Art. in the next loop, repeat from *. 
Knitting density, openwork pattern: 18.5 p. And 31 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 
Back: Dial 44 (56) 68 sts and tie a 6 cm elastic band, while in the last row, add 3 (1) 1 pt evenly. Then knit between the edges. openwork pattern from the arrow A (B) C. After 15 (19) 23 cm from the rubber band, close the raglan for the bevels on both sides 1 x 1 st, then in each 4th r. 10 (9) 8 x 1 p. And in every 2-rd river. 0 (4) 8 x 1 n. After 27 (32) 37 cm from the rubber band, close the middle 15 (19) 25 pips for the cutout of the neck and separate the two sides separately, and close them from the edge of the cutout in each 2-r . 1 x 2 and 1 x 1 n. After 29 (34) 39 cm from the rubber band, close the remaining 2 pcs of the shoulder.
Before: knit the same, but with a deeper neckline. To do this, after 22 (27) 32 cm from the rubber band, close the middle 5 (9) 15 pts and finish both sides separately. In this case, close the edge of the cutout in each 2-rd river. 1 x 3, 1 x 2 and 3 x 1 p. At the height of the backrest, close the remaining 2 pcs of the shoulder. 
Assembly: perform shoulder and side seams. Tie neckline and armholes with crochet along 1 circular river. Art. б / н and "рачьего a step" (1 items б / н from the left to the right). 
Description of work: dial 89 (113) 131 st and knit between the chrome. openwork pattern from the arrow A (D) A. For the bevels, the skirts are added in the bands associated with each other. smooth, as well as after or before chrome. on 1 item = 7 (9) 10 items in each row. To make additions as follows: in each 6th p. add 2 (0) 0 times, in each 8th river. 10 (9) 8 times and in each 10th river. 0 (3) 5 times = 173 (221) 261 n. After 32 (36) 40 cm from the tying edge of the loop to close. Tie the sides and the bottom edge of the skirt crochet 3 r. Art. b / n. For ties, tie at both ends of the top edge of the skirt to 116 degrees. etc. and tie the entire outer edge, including the strings, 3 r. Art. b / n. Then tie the entire outer edge of the skirt, including the strings, 1 circular p. pico.

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