Knitting Baby Booties Free Pattern

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I decided to make a master class on them (immediately apologize for the quality of the photo, did at night).
So let's go.
We collect on spokes a thread of the basic colour of 37 loops and we respond 1 row of facial
The central loop marks the thread of another color

Further knit a sole of 8 rows by a platelkoj, adding in each lyceum number 4 loops (1after the first loop, 1 before and after the central loop and 1 before the last loop). This is done to ensure that the sole was oval, add a cross loop, so that there were no holes.

It turns out this sole. There should be 53 loops on the spokes.

Then we start to knit the tines with a thread of another color. To do this, we have 3 rows of stocking viscous, starting from the front side of the work.

In the 4 row (on the wrong side) knit so: scum, 2 loops together and so on to the end of the series. The scum is not perekreshhivaem to make holes.

Next knit another 3 p. Stocking Viscous

If you fold the knitting on the holes, then the teeth are such

In the fourth row, fold the knitting on the holes and start stitching the teeth. It is done this way: bring 2 loops together-one loop with the spokes and one loop of the first row, bound by a thread of the kontrite color.  So tie all the loops on the spokes and loops of the scarf binding.

That's what we got the sole

Go to the strands of the main color and knit the side of the booties. Here opens the space for your imagination, you can knit any pattern, I knitted this: 1 row: Purl loops on the front side of the work,
2 row: Facial loops on the wrong side.
3 row: Purl on the front.
4 row: Purl on the wrong side.
5th row: Facial on face.
6 row: Facial.
7 row: Purl in the face.
8 row: Face on the wrong side.
9 row: Facial.
10 row: Purl on the wrong side. 
The following 5 rows are knit as from 1 row to 5 row.
That's what I did.

Then we decorate the nose of the booties. For this purpose we have 13 loops of purl, and on a trace. 27 hinges The principle of mating, like the heel of the sock. That is, we divide them into 3 parts, knit the middle 9 loops of the obverse, at the end of each row we get the ninth loop along with the loop from the other part.

Lower the hinges until there are only 9 middle loops and 13 loops on the sides. We bring to the end of the row and knit the top of the booties as your heart pleases (I continued to knit the same pattern as the side part)

5 rows knitting as from 1 to 5 row (see above), then make holes for the cord: 2 face, 2 together front, 1 scale, and so on to the end of the series.

She continued knitting, according to the photo is seen as (4 rows of Platelkoj viscous white thread, 2 rows of stocking viscous blue, and so 3 times). Sew a pinch.

That's what I did.

Source : http://truksha.blogspot.com/2012/03/blog-post_3114.html

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