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Sizes (Russian): 48/50 (46/48) 

You will need: 300 (400) g of copper-colored Artyarns "Silk Red" yarn (100% silk, 155 m / 50 g), 50 g of Weed-Mohair copper-golden yarn & Séquins "(80% silk with glass beads and spangles, 20% mohair, 104 m / 50 g), 25 g copper-colored yarn" Silk Mohair "(60% mohair, 40% silk, 285 m / 25 g); Straight needles No. 4, circular needles No. 4, 80 cm long; hook number 3. 

Knitting technique. 
The front smooth surface: front rows - front loops, purl rows - purl loops. 
Shawl: facial and purl rows - facial loops. 

Pattern with diamonds on 20 loops: knit according to the scheme. Constantly repeat 1–16 rows.
The rhombus pattern is made with Silk Mohair and Wead Mohair & Sewins yarn. To do this, reel 2 skeins of Wead Mohair & Sewins yarn and knit each side of the rhombus from a separate coil. Despite the fact that the Silk Mohair yarn fits together the entire series, do not forget to twist the yarn when changing the yarn. 

Knitting density 
Pattern with rhombus yarn "Silk Mohair" and "Weed Mohair & Sequins": 20 p. And 30 p. = 10 x 10 cm; 
The front surface of the yarn "Silk Rail": 20 p. And 27 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 


Coquette of the left sleeve and shoulder: type in 20 p. Yarn “Silk Mohair” and knit with a rhombus pattern. After 41 (46) cm = 122 (138) section from the typesetting edge, divide the work in half and finish both sides separately, and at the same time turn down to cut the neckline on both sides in each 2nd p. 6 x 1 p., For this, from the right edge knit the last loop of the mohair “Silk Mohair” with the 1st loop of the “Wead Mohair & Séquins” yarn together with the front one, from the left edge knit the last loop of the “Weed Mohair & Séquins” with 1- th loop of the mohair “Silk Mohair” together with the crossed face, the remaining 4 points on each side to be postponed.

Coquette of the right sleeve and shoulder: knit like a yoke of the left sleeve and shoulder, but for cut-out slats, knit on 4 loops of the right side = in front, another 35 cm of the front stitch, knit the remaining 4 loops of the left side = the back, another 23 cm of the front stitch. Then connect the loops with a kettle stitch with 4 pending loops of the coquette of the left sleeve. 

Front and back: type for the front of the yarn "Silk Rail" loops on circular needles as follows: on the yoke of the left sleeve and shoulder 92 (102) p., 53 on the narrow strip of yarn "Bead Mohair & Séquins", 92 (102) p. on the yoke of the right sleeve and shoulder = 237 (257) p., then knit as follows: 
1st p. (= izn. r.): purl loops 
2nd p. (= persons. p.): = knit with the face on the first 92 (102) section, turn the canvas. 
3rd b.: 1 p. Remove, 91 (101) p. Purl.
4th river: 91 (101) persons., 2 p. Together persons. cross, turn the canvas. 
5th b.: 1 p. Remove, 91 (101) p. Iz.
Repeat rows 4 and 5 another 15 times, with 1 row = 76 (86) p. Decreasing in each 2nd row. Lay the loops and knit the right side symmetrically. Then knit on all 205 (225) n. Front face. Through 13 cm = 35 p. from a set of loops close at coquette for bevel sleeves on both sides by 5 p., then, close in each 2nd row 1 x 7 p., 1 x 10 p., 1 x 12 p., 1 x 14 p. and 6 x 1 p. = 97 (117) p. And set loops aside. Knit the back as before, but on a narrow strip of yarn “Bead Mohair & Séquins”, dial only 39 p. = 223 (243) p. And repeat rows 4 and 5 9 more times = 203 (223) p. Perform bevel sleeves as described above = 95 (115) p. Then knit in a circle on all 192 (232) p. with the front satin stitch, while marking the first and last loop before = side seams. For flared form, knit 12 times on both sides of the labeled loops of 1 person. cross from broach in the following rows: 3rd, 6th, 10th, 14th, 19th, 24th, 31st, 39th, 48th, 58th, 69th and 71st = 240 (280) p. Then knit 13 (19) p. front stitch and then for the strap another 8 p. garter stitch, then close all the loops.

Assembly: seam the sleeves. Tie the edge of the neck in a circle next to 1 st. b / n yarn "Wead Mohair & Séquins".

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