Two Color Crochet Top

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34/36 (40/42)


Yarn (85% recycled eco-line, 15% flax; 140 m/50 g) - 100 (150) g blue and zv. Ekru; circular spokes no.4; Hook number three.



Alternately 1 facial, 1 from the night.


The number of loops is multiples of 16 q knit sog. Schema. It gives all the circular rows. Constantly repeat rapport and 1-4 circular rows. 


The first 3 and the last two loops of rapport in the instructions are marked as a scar of the wrong surface, the remaining loops - as a fishnet strip.



Alternately on two circular rows of blue thread and thread of the central. Ecru.


2 p. x 33 laps. 10 x 10 cm.


Top knit a single canvas circular rows. The cuts for the round coquette are depicted on the pattern in the form of a slant of the sleeve/shoulder slant.



Blue thread dial on the spokes 160 (192) loops (80 (96) loops for the front and back, lock in the ring and for the strap to tie 1 cm with a rubber band. 

Continue the work with a delicate pattern of sog. sequence of bands. 

We recommend to note the 1st and 81st (97th) loop of the circular row, they form the sidelines. 

For the sticking to tie through 6 cm q 20 circular rows from the bar inside each 2nd scar of the wrong surface 2 loops together from the wrong and through 12 cm q 40 circular rows from the bar to tie inside the remaining scars of the out-of-the-top smoothes on 2 loops together from the outofa of 150 (180) n. 

After 24 cm and 80 circular rows from the bar add inside each 2-scar of the wrong surface on 1 from the cross thread and through 30 cm and 100 circular rows from the bar to add inside the remaining scars of the out-of-the-wall surface on 1 from the cross-crossed line of 160 (192) p. 

Through 33 cm and 110 circular rows (35.5 cm and 118 circular rows) from the bar to divide the work for the front and back and on both sides close the loops of the side lines, as well as on both sides of them on 7 loops (a total of 15 loops). 

In the next round series, dial for the sleeves instead of the closed loops of 47 (63) new loops and include in the pattern of 224 (288) n. 

For the round coquette to continue the work in circular rows of snags. pattern and color of the thread. 

To reduce the width through 45.5 cm and 150 circular rows (50.5 cm and 166 circular rows) from the bar to tie inside each scar of the wrong surface 2 loops together from the outing of 210 (270) p. These reductions repeat another 3 times in each 2nd circular row of 168 (216) p. 

Then in the next 2nd circle row to remove in each rapport the last loop of the openwork strip, like the front, the next 2 loops to tie together the front, then stretch it through the removed loop q 140 (180) n. 

Through 48 cm q 158 circular rows (53 cm q 174 circular rows) from the bar to tie the rubber band for the bar of two circular rows by thread of the tsv. Ekru and 7 circular rows with a blue thread. At 2.5 cm and 9 circular rows, close all loops in the picture. 

The edges of the sleeves are tied with a thread of the central. Ekru 1 circular next to art. b/n and "ract" (art. b/n perform in the direction of left to right).

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