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An amazing combination of relief and jacquard patterns, underlined by an interesting combination of yarn and complemented by embroidery, will not leave anyone indifferent!

32/34 (36 / 38–40 / 42–44 / 46)

Yarn 1 (70% sheep wool, 30% alpaca wool; 90 m / 50 g) - 500 (550-600-650) g ​​brown, 50 g each, blue-green, blue and white; 
Yarn 2 (50% sheep wool, 50% polyacryl; 380 m / 200 g) - 200 g yellow / green / blue / orange / purple-pink sectional dyeing; Knitting needles number 6; 1 detachable metal zipper with a length of 60 cm.

The 1st and last stitches of each row are knitted with a facial surface.

Front rows - front loops, purl rows - purl loops. In the circular rows of all loops knit facial. 

Alternately 2 facial, 2 purl.

Alternately 1 facial, 1 purl.

Knit according to schemes A and B.  

Scheme A / back: start with 1 chrome., Knit 80 (88-96-104) section between arrows a (bcd) and e (fgh) and finish 1 chrome. 

Scheme B / left shelf: start with 1 chrome., Knit 80 (88-96-104) paragraph between arrows a (bcd) and e, finish 1 chrome. 

For the strip, repeat the 1st and 2nd rows 11 times, then repeat 4 times from the 3rd to the 10th row and knit it once from the 11th to the 86th row, then repeat from the 87th to the 94th th row. Attention: areas marked with gray knit with sectioned dyeing, areas not marked gray with knit with brown thread. For each color section use a separate section of sectional dyeing yarn. When changing colors, cross with each other threads on the wrong side of the work so that small holes do not appear on the finished product. In the diagrams, only the facial rows are indicated; in the purl rows, knit in the same color as in the facial rows.

Knit according to the scheme C. In the width of 1 time knit labeled 16 p. In the height, repeat from the 1st to the 8th row.

Jacquard Pattern

Knit on the counting circuit in the technique of jacquard facial smooth. In width start with chrome. and 2 points before the 1st arrow, repeat the repeat 3 times = 12 points between the arrows, finish 5 points after the 2nd arrow and chrome. In the height of 1 time knit from the 1st to the 87th row. Next, knit thread sectional dyeing facial satin.


From the right side = chrome., 2 p. Knit together the front. 

From the left edge = 2 n. Knit together the front one with the inclination to the left (= 1 n. Remove, as with the front knitting, knit the next loop face, then stretch it through the removed loop), chrome.

Run according to the scheme.


20 p. X 23 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected with the “Scythe with rhombus” pattern; 
18 p. X 21 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a satin finish or jacquard pattern. 
Samples are knitted on needles No. 6 with yarn 1.



Brown thread dial 82 (90-98-106) n. And between the edge knit pattern "Braids with rhombuses" under the scheme A, while for the lower bar first, repeat the 1st and 2nd rows 11 times = 10 cm of the lower bar. 

Further between the edge knit pattern "Braids with rhombuses", starting from the 3rd p. scheme. 

Through 36.5 (35.5-34-32) cm = 84 (82-78-74) p. from the lower bar close on both sides for the armholes 1 time by 2 (2-4-6) points, then in each 2nd p. close another 1 time for 2 p. and 4 times for 1 p. = 66 (74-78-82) p.  

Through 18 (19-20,5-22,5) cm = 42 (44-48-52) p . from the beginning of the armhole, close the middle 22 (24-26-28) n. of the neck and first finish the left side. Along the inner edge, close to round the neck in the next 2 r. 1 more time 4 p. 

After 2 cm = 4 p. from the beginning of the neckline close the remaining 18 (21-22-23) n. shoulders. 

The second side finish symmetrically.

Brown thread dial 42 (46-50-54) p. And knit between the edge pattern "Braids with rhombus" under the scheme B, at the same time for the lower plank, first repeat the 1st and 2nd rows 11 times = 10 cm of the lower plank. 

Further between the edge knit pattern "Braids with rhombuses", starting from the 3rd p. scheme. 

Run from the right edge of the armhole, as in the back = 34 (38-40-42) p.  

13.5 (14.5-16-18) cm = 31 (33-37-41) p. from the beginning of the armhole from the left edge close 1 time 7 (8-9-10) of the neck, for rounding the cut close in each 2nd p. 1 time 3 p., 1 time 2 p. And 4 times 1 p. The remaining 18 (21-22-23) p. Shoulder close as on the back.

Run symmetrically left shelf.

Brown thread dial 42 p., For the strap after chrome. start with 1 out. and knit 3 cm = 6 p. with a rubber band A, while in the last row, evenly distributing, add 3 s. = 45 s.  

Next, knit a jacquard pattern. 

12.5 (12.5-6.5-5) cm = 26 (26-14-10) p. from the strip on both sides, add 1 times for bevels 1 p., then in each 6th p. 8 (3-3-0) times 1 p. And in each 4th p. 0 (7-9-14) times 1 p. = 63 (67-71-75) p. Add the added loops to the pattern. 

After the last row of the counting pattern, continue to knit with a thread of sectional dyeing with a facial surface. 

Through 38 (37-35,5-35,5) cm = 80 (78-74-70) p. from the strap close on both sides for okat 1 times in 2 points, then in each 2nd p. close another 1 time by 2 points and execute 8 (8-9-10) times for 1 decrease (see Decorative additions), then close 5 times for 2 points and 1 time for 3 (4-4-4) points .  

After 15.5 (15,5-16-17) cm = 32 (32-34-36) p. from the beginning of the okat, close the remaining 13 (15-17-19) p.

Brown thread, dial 33 (35-37-39) p. And knit patterns in the following sequence: 5 p. Gum B = front plate, 4 p. smooth surface, 16 p. of the “Braid” pattern (scheme C), 7 p. izn. smooth In the 13th p. From the dial-up row from the left edge, add 1 time for the bevel 1 p. and in each 12-m p. 2 more times 1 p. = 36 (38-40-42) p. In the 51 st r. = 22 cm from the type-set, additionally dial 38 p. = 74 from the left edge for the back of the hood (76-78-80 ) p. On the added and newly gathered loops to knit wear. satin stitch. 

In the 31st p. = 13 cm from the last set of loops = purl row, close the first 38 points and continue work on the remaining 36 (38-40-42) points.  

In the 13th p. = front row from fastening the hinges for the bevel from the left edge, subtract 1 time 1 point and in each 12-m p. 2 more times 1 p. 

After 22 cm = 50 p. from fastening loops, or through 57 cm = 132 p. from the dial, close the remaining 33 (35-37-39) p. 

On the inner plots of rhombuses highlighted in color and the details, before embroidering with a white thread with a stitch “loop looped” flowers according to the original motif. Stacked and closed rows of the back of the hood to sew to the bevels of the side parts. 

The hood is sewn into the neck, the front edges of the slats are combined with the edges of the front. Under the edges of the front to sew a zipper, zippers cloves left in sight. 

For the zip fasteners, dial 4 pt with brown thread and knit with the front satin stitch. 60 cm from the dial, close the loop. Stitches on the seamy side over the zipper tape. 

Run side seams and sleeve seams. Sew sleeves.

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