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An elegant spring cardigan crocheted from yarn shimmering in different shades of gray. This knitted cardigan is perfect for trousers and skirts. 

Size: 42/44  

You will need: 600 g of a gray-brown yarn suitable for hook No. 3.5 (or make your calculations) (100% cotton, 115 m / 5O g); hook number 3.5; and 6 buttons.

Offset sink pattern A: number of air. n. multiple of 12 + 1 + 3 to lift 
Knit according to the scheme A. Start a row with air. to lift and loop before the 1st arrow, repeat the report loops,  
end with the loops after the 2nd arrow. Group Art. c / n = sinks in the 3rd and  
6th p., as well as art. b / n in the 4th and 7th p. knit in vozd. n previous p. 
Run 1 time 1st - 8th p., Repeat 3rd - 8th p. 
Offset sink pattern B: number of vozd. n. multiple of 12 + 9 + 3 air. to lift Knit as an offset pattern of shells A. but according to scheme B. 

Knitting density: 2 reports and 9 p. pattern of displaced shells, hook number 3.5 = 13 x 10 cm.  

Recommendation: be sure to make a sample. It should correspond to the specified density of knitting, otherwise  
change the hook. 

Cardigan knitting description:  

Back: tie a chain of 85 temp. P. + 3 vozd. to lift Knit a pattern of displaced shells A. and the 1st st. (with / n of the 1st p., air out to the 5th from the hook, air out = 7 sinks in the 2nd  
p. knit a connection item, at the end of the river, leave) as many n .. so that the river starts with the 1st arrow in the figure and ends symmetrically. 

LEFT SHOT: tie a chain of 45 vozd. P. + 3 vozd. to lift Knit a pattern of displaced shells B, and the 1st st. s / n 1st p. perform in the 5th from the hook air. Scheme B displays the full width of the shelf. Cross on the right side to perform, as for the back. Through 3 cm = 3 p. from the start of the  
armhole for leaving the neckline, leave 1 report on the left side, then subtract 6 points. another 1/2 rapport. 
We recommend to make a pattern of paper in full size and for control to attach a knitted 
piece to it  . Work finish at the height of the backrest. 

RIGHT SHELF: knit symmetrically. 

SLEEVES: tie a chain of 61 sur. P. + 3 vozd. to lift Knit a shifted pattern of shells A. and the 1st st. s / n
perform in the 5th from the hook air. n. = 5 shells in the 2nd p. Through 51.5 cm = 46 p. from the start of work to make marks on both sides. Through 4.5 cm = 4p. from marks to finish the job. 

ASSEMBLY: seam, sew the sleeves up to the marks. Neckline tie 1 p. Art. b / n and 1p. "Rachego step" = Art. b / n "from left to right. Tie the edges of the shelves 5 p. Art. b / n, and on the right shelf in the 3rd p. Make 6 holes for buttons evenly, the bottom one - at a distance of 25 cm from the edge, the top one - at a distance of 1 cm from the edge. For each hole over 1 tbsp. b / n perform 1 rev. p. The tie-in edges of the shelves and backrest tie 1 p. Art. b / n and 1 p. picot trail way: * 1 tbsp. b / n, 1 pico (3 air. p. and 1 st.b / n in the 1st air. p.), pico is located above Art. b / n previous r., repeat from * finish 1 tbsp. bn Stacked edges of sleeves also tie 1 p. pico. 
Sew on the sleeves. Sew buttons.

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