Knitting Top with Open Back

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With thoughts on summer: top with open back

Unusually gentle and feminine top with open back for a warm summer walk. Knitting and wearing it is a pleasure. Top knitting quickly and does not require the possession of special skills.

Knitting Top with Open Back Size : 38
You will need: Prњka Clea lmhas Grey-colored zoo gr., pink-red color-100 G., spokes of MoH, 
Vjazkџ samples. • Ground surface, elastic band 1x1 " 
Nausea Knitting: 25 p, x 28 P, = 10 x 10 cm, 
Description: I vњketsja the child. Dial 160 stitches with grey thread, 2 cm 
The rubber band, then 30 cm of the front surface, at a height of 32 cm on both sides close 
40 loops. Continue to Vyuvat, adding 1 loop with promises • parties in each p; 
Through 55 cm from the sewing edge of the knitting all the loops close the upper rassišyshii part 
Tzodeush forms a Drag 
Dial 10 loops N tie 35 cm elastic with a thread of red (tie 2 parts), 
1LX as a tie (see photo). 
Front and back scheme 

Pattern Here :

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