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Size: 36/38.

You will need:

700 g of a yarn of type "Merino +" from LANG YARNS of violet color number 0190 (100% merino wool, 90 m / 50 g);  

straight and circular needles number 5.


Due to the increasing number of loops, the pullover is knitted on circular needles in straight rows.

Openwork Spit (16 p.):

Knit according to scheme 1, which shows individuals. R. 

In izn. R. knit all loops by pattern or as described, knit knit purses and faces. cross knit out. cross 

Repeat from the 1st to the 20th p.

Zigzag pattern (19 p.): 

Knit as an openwork braid, only according to scheme 2.

Repeat from 1st to 28th p.

Diamonds pattern (45 p.):

Knit according to scheme 3, which shows the persons. R. 

In izn. rows all loops knit by pattern.

Repeat from 1st to 28th p.

Knitting density:

openwork braids: 16 p. and 25 p. = 8 x 10 cm; 

zigzag pattern: 19 s. = 8 cm; 

rhombus pattern: 45 p. = 19 cm. 


Chrome on the pattern is not counted.


Pullover knit transversely in one piece. 

Start with the left sleeve. 

Arrows on the pattern = knitting direction.


Dial 53 p. And knit in the next. sequences: chrome., 16 s. of openwork braid, 19 s. of zigzag pattern, 16 s. of openwork braid, chrome.

For a back and before through 47 cm = 118 p. from the set on both sides to get the new 1 x 80 p. and in the 1st w. R. knit purl = 213 p.  

Then continue to the next. distribution: chrome., 16 s. openwork braid, 19 s. zigzag pattern, 45 s. rhombus pattern, continue the pattern on the next. 51 p., Then 45 p. Of rhombus pattern, 19 p. Of zigzag pattern, 16 p. Of openwork braid, chrome. 

Chrome knit as a knotted edge (= in each row of faces. n.).

For neckline through 58.5 cm = 146 p. from the set to knit the first 106 p., for the collar to get the new 27 p. and to 133 p. of the back + collar to continue in accordance with the pattern, at the same time in the 1st w. R. new looped loops knit purl; then, on the hinges of the collar, replenish the first 10 p. of the zigzag pattern, then knit 16 p. openwork braid and chrome. 

Through 11.5 cm = 29 p. collar height or 70 cm = 175 p. from the set the middle back is reached. 

Through 57 r. collar height at the beginning of the trail. from row close 27 p. collar, the remaining 106 p. knit in accordance with the pattern and after 23 cm = 58 p. the height of the collar loop backrest to postpone. 

Before you knit symmetrically with the front collar, to do this, get a new 27 p., The middle loop of the pullover to close and the remaining 106 p. Knit in accordance with the pattern. 

On the loops of the collar knit chrome. and 16 p. of openwork braid, add the remaining 10 p. of the zigzag pattern. 

Through 57 r. collar height at the end of the trail from R. close 27 s. collar. 

Then the back and before the intermediate set again connect with 1 loop and at all 213 n. Pullover finish symmetrically.

After 140 cm = 350 p. from the set to close the remaining 53 p. sleeves in accordance with the pattern.

Sleeve placket (2 pcs.):

Dial 18 points and between chrome. n. knit openwork braid. 

Through 24 cm = 60 p. from the set all the loops close according to the pattern.

Assembly of parts:

Run the seam collar.

Sew the longitudinal edge of the strap to the bottom edge of the sleeve. 

Run side seams and sleeve seams.

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