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Poncho on the one hand is a simple thing from a number of classic outerwear, and on the other - practical and original clothing. Ponchos are worn not only for warmth, they perfectly complement almost any style of clothing, and sometimes, made with high skill and taste, become the main element of the ensemble, as the author of this model


The author model: Svetlana Wolfhound. 

Size: one. 

You will need: 1000g of brown yarn “Dreams” (Magic) (288 m / 100 g) (in two threads); 250 g of “Lada” yarn (Semenovskaya factory) (380 m / 100 g) of blue color and 250 g of jeans color in 4 additions; Knitting needles number 5.5; hook number 5.0. 

The front surface, the needles number 10: persons. R. - persons. n., izn. R. - ex. p. 

Job description: poncho for convenience connected in parts. One part - the back, one part - in front, four - side. 

See their location in Fig. 1a Knit the middle part of the back from top to bottom in scheme A. For it, type 60 + 2 edge loops. 

Knit 4 rapport in height and remove the canvas on an additional circular needle. Knit the middle part of the front according to the same scheme, but with a breakdown by color: the outer square of the inside loops is brown, the middle of the front loops is blue, and the inner one is denim. 

In diagram A, the squares are circled in bold lines. The gaps between the squares of two faces. n., of course, brown. 

Having connected a cloth of the necessary size, remove it on an additional circular needle. Lateral parts: type on the spokes 63 + 2 edge loops. 

Knit: 1 edge, persons. n., 2 out. P. 12 persons. n. (spit), 46 persons. n., 1 boundary. The main pattern - the front surface. 

Spit of 12 loops with overlap in the 17th row. The height of the canvas is 52 cm. For two parts, the braid is on the left, for two parts - on the right. 

After knitting each canvas with a height of 52 cm, transfer it to an additional knitting needle. 

Having connected all the canvases, group them so that the braids lay near the middle part of the back, and the front. 

Continue knitting on the circular needles of the three pieces together. Attention! The first one combining three canvases is knitted from the seamy side with the seamy loops. 

Next, knit two rows of the front surface, two rows - purl, three rows - front. 

Before you a cloth seamy side. Change the yarn on the thread in denim, knit one row (0 in the diagram B). 

Secure the thread in blue and continue knitting the jacquard pattern. 

After jacquard knitting, fasten the thread of brown color and knit 2 rows with the front satin stitch, 3 rows with the reverse satin stitch, 3 rows with the front satin stitch. Close the loop. Sew the sheets together. 

Make shoulder seams 5 cm long on both sides of the middle canvases. Tie a neck with a crochet No. 5 in "snarling step". 

Of course, it is necessary to make a trim of the entire canvas along the perimeter. Tie the bottom of the front and back parts of the product in one row of RLS, and both sides with three rows of st / bn. 

At the bottom of the product, make a fringe 14 cm long (Fig. 16), alternating the threads of blue and denim. 

On the side blades on both sides at a distance of 20 cm from the top and from each other, sew a couple of buttons.

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