Cap and Lens

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Size: 53-55 
✔️ Yarn: #bbbfull in two threads 
✔️ Color: 409 
✔️ Connected around, without seams. 
🔴 Knitting needles: cap - №6,5; Snud - №8 
✔️ Got 60 loops on the cap, after 14 rows, 1x1 elastic band added 4 loops (every 15 loops), for multiplicity - 4 reports of 16 loops each. Knit to the required length (I have 21cm). Next, form the top (4cm), and close the loop. 
The height of the cap is 25 cm. 
At the bottom I scored 76 loops, 2 rows of 1x1 rubber, and then a front smooth surface with elements of the pattern from the cap. 
She finished with 2 rows of 1x1 gum, and covered the edge with a needle. 
Snood dimensions: width 28 cm (folded), height 38 cm. 
🔴 Consumption: approximately 7 skeins 


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