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Who said that "pigtail" looks good only on women's hats Small braid is perfect for men. In the following master class, we will consider a simple pattern that will be able to bind to absolutely everyone. 

We should acquire: 
● yarn (50% wool, 50% acrylic) - 100 g; 
● knitting stockings №3,5. 

This product is ideal for a head volume of 57 cm, stretches a little. 
Evenly recruit and distribute into 3 stocking knitting needles 128 p., Knit further standard rubber band 2 x 2 p. 7 centimeters. After, we uniformly reduce the number of sections to 126. This is done so that the reductions look nice and do not appear on the pattern - our product will have 6 wedges. 

Further, we would recommend that you tie 1 p. l n. for a more even and clear bend. This condition is not mandatory - you can immediately proceed to the pattern. It looks like this: 1-3 p. knit * 2 l. n. (it will be a scythe), 1 and. p. 3 l. n., 1 and. P.*. 
4 p.: * 2 p. to swap places (to knit a plait by 2 points), 1 and. p. 3 l. n., 1 and. P.*. 

5-7 p. inclusive do, like 1-3, and 8 p. - as 4, we repeat according to this scheme until reaching the desired depth of the product.

After that, we should move to reductions. To do this, in each row we act as follows: * 2 loops on the braid pattern, 1 and. P. 2 paragraph vm. with a tilt to the left, 13 p. on Uz., 2 p. vm. tilted to the right, 1 and. P.*. Next r. - on the bonds .. We 

continue to work on this principle as long as we have a joint venture. There are no 42 s. with Uz .: * 2 s. braids, 1 and. p. 3 l. n., 1 and. P.*. Making another r. on the bonds., then - diminished. according to the new c.: * 2 p. braids, 1 and. p. 3 l. n. vm., 1 and. P.; again p. by ties .. 

* 2 n. braids, 3 and. w. vm. The warm accessory is ready - it remains only to tighten all the loops and fix the thread from the inside.


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