Crochet bag with roses free pattern

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elegant and very feminine bag in pastel colors is crocheted of threads with metallic polyester, which gives it a pleasant shine. 


Approximately 28 x 20 cm 


Yarn (80% viscose, 20% metallized polyester, 100 m / 25 g) - 125 g cream and 50 g each, pink and light golden; hook number 2; 1 pack of wax beads with a diameter of 4 mm; 30 x 40 cm of glue flizelina S520; 45 cm cream silk 90 cm wide; 1 magnetic button with a diameter of 19 mm and 4 metal or plastic rings with a diameter of 3 cm; self-fading ink pencil; 1 sheet of tissue paper. 



MAIN PATTERN Knit art. b / n, with each row starting with 3 points instead of 1 st. s / n 

For each addition to knit 2 tbsp. s / n in one loop of the base, for each decrease to knit 2 tbsp. s / n together. 

Fillet trace 

number of loops is a multiple of 6 + 2 p.

1st row: 3 vp (= 1st st. With / n), * 3 tbsp. s / n, 3 ce, 3 p. skip, repeat from *, finish 1 tbsp. s / n 

Constantly repeat the 1st row, with each row starting with 3 vol. instead of 1 st. s / n and finish art. s / n in ce previous row. 


Knit acc. diagrams A and B. 


41 p. x 14 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected with a fillet pattern. 



BAG Cream thread to perform a chain of 110 inc. P. and tie up 20 rows of fillet pattern. Then tie another 4 rows with the main pattern, while knitting in the 1st row in each art. s / n 1 tbsp. s / n 
and in the arch of the ce 2 tbsp. s / n 


Knit as the front side. 


Cream thread to perform a chain of 10 vp and knit the main trace pattern. way: 
1-3rd row: Art. s / n; 
4th row: add on both sides 1 s. = 12 tbsp. s / n; 
5–7th row: Art. s / n; 
8th row: knit, like the 4th row = 14 cent. s / n; 
9-11th row: Art. s / n; 
12th row: knit as 4th row = 16 tbsp. s / n; 
13-15th row: Art. s / n; 16th row: knit as 4th row = 18 cent. s / n; 
17-19th row: Art. s / n; 
20th row: knit, like the 4th row = 20 cent. s / n; 
21–60th row: Art. s / n; 
61th row: reduce on both sides 1 loop = 18 degree. s / n; 
62–65th row: art. s / n; 
66th row: knit, like the 61st row = 16 tbsp. s / n; 
67–70th row: Art. s / n; 
71th row: knit, like the 61st row = 14 cent. s / n;
72–75th row: art. s / n; 
76th row: knit, like the 61st row = 12 tbsp. s / n; 
77–80th row: Art. s / n; 
81th row: knit, like the 61st row = 10 tbsp. s / n; 
82–84th row: Art. s / n 


Pink thread tie 10 flowers. 

Start with 1 thread and knit acc. scheme A in circular rows. Instead of the 1st p. Of each circular series, knit ce. and each circle row finish 1 con. Art. For the transition to the 4th, 6th and 8th round robin, link 3 or, respectively, 4 ce, see the diagram. In the last circular row connect 5 flowers in one petal with the help of 1 conn. Art. in the strip. 


Light golden thread tie 12 leaves. For each piece, start at the arrow with a chain of 10 vp. + 1 incl. and knit acc. scheme B in the forward and reverse direction, following the arrows. 


All knots are tied with a cream thread. 

The upper part to perform 2 times. To do this, run on a chain of 6 vp and tie the main pattern of 140 rows. 

The bottom of the tie 4 times. To do this, run on a chain of 6 vp and tie the main pattern 12 rows. 

4 rings tie 45 st. b / n 


All crocheted parts should be stretched carefully and sprinkled with plenty of spray to protect from contamination. 


First connect the front and back side of the bag with the side part. Details are precisely folded with each other and connected to them with a cream thread in “crushed step” (= st. B / n, carry out in the direction from left to right). 

Along the upper edge of the front and back side of the bag, lay 2 small folds at a distance of 9 cm from the side edges so that the circumference along the upper edge is 24 cm. 

Sew 6 leaves of the leaf at a distance of 2 cm from the upper edge. Sew roses on top evenly, sew 1 bead at the core of each flower, see photo.

Thread the lower parts of the handles into loop-shaped rings. Connect the ends with a “step of step” with a light golden thread. Sew the lower parts of the handles to the front and back of the bag at a distance of 3 cm from the side edges. On 1 upper part of the handle thread through both rings and short side sew. Tie the edges of the lower parts of the handles together with a light-golden thread with a “step of step”. 


On the pattern for the lining is only half, which along the dotted line must be supplemented in the mirror image (= double). Transfer the pattern to tissue paper and cut.

The lining in the front, back and bottom strengthen the flizelinom. For this gasket from non-woven cut 1 time on the pattern and ironed it on the wrong side of silk. Mark the bottom of the bag. Trim the gasket precisely to the edge, leave an allowance for a 1 cm wide seam on the upper edges. Ostrocht the bottom of the bottom to sew the inside out of the bottom. Allow seam allowances on the wrong side and attach. External cuts sweep. 

Cut the silk on the pattern with seam allowances 1 cm wide, mark the bottom. For side details, cut out 2 strips measuring 7.5 x 17.5 cm. Cut the longitudinal edges obliquely on both sides so that the upper short side is only 5 cm. To sweep all the details. 

Stitch side parts and seam allowances along the upper edge of the seam on the wrong side.

Now put the lining in the fortified part of the non-woven fabric with the inside of the inside of the inside, the upper edges are chipped flush and stitch. Allow the side seams for interlining on the non-woven fabric and tack. sew the side details along the seam line with small stitches by hand. 

Attach the magnetic fastener details in the middle. At the end, insert the lining completely into the bag and sew the upper edge manually with hidden stitches. If desired, the "seams" of the crocheted bag are also joined with a lining.

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