Amigurumi Heart Pattern

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Red and blue acrylic, a little dark blue, yellow and pink yarn, artificial eyes - 4 pcs. (or white cotton for knitting), thick wire (better in isolation), filler (sintepuh, cotton wool), a piece of the cover of a polyethylene segregator (or thick cardboard), a button.

The heart itself without handles and legs: height 10 cm, width 11 cm, thickness 5.5 cm. Heart with legs - 14 cm.

Master Class:
VP - air loop
RLS - column without crochet
Add-on - from 1 RLS (out of 1 loop), 2 RLS
Decrease - two loops to be fastened together with a column without a crochet
* ... * - rapport
1. Heart
We chain a chain of 3 CG in a ring. We knit in a circle.

1 row: 6 sc in the ring = (6) 
2 ranks: 6 additions = (12) 
3 ranks: * 1 increase, 1 scs * - 6 times = (18) 
4 ranks: * 1 increase, 1 scs * - 9 times = (27) 
5 series: * 1 increase, 4 scs * 5 times, 2 scs = (32) 
6 ranks: * 1 increase, 7 scs * - 4 times = (36) 
7-8 ranks: sc = )

Crop thread.

It turned out a hemisphere.

Similarly we knit the second hemisphere. The thread at the end of the 8th row is not cut.

We connect both parts (see photo №1 - №2). We transfer 5 SPN loops, grasping the loops simultaneously in two halves (see photos # 3 and # 4).

Next, we knit on the front side in a circle, tying both halves together as one whole (see photo No. 8).

9th row: RLS

We press the hemispheres to each other ("flatten" them), mark the color points with the colored thread (see photo # 9). These are places of deductions.

10-22 series: RLS, at each extreme point we make 1 reduction.

Next, to give the heart volume, we make 4 adjustments in a row. For this purpose, let's mark the middle thread with a colored thread on each side (see photo # 14). Total in each row 2 side markings (marked with a red thread) and 2 in the middle of the row (marked with a white thread) = 4 additions.

When there is a small hole, we fill the heart with a filler (see photo # 16).

We continue the adjustments. At the very end of the allowance, you can knit in a row: you decide which version of the "tail" you like best - more or less pointed.

2. "Pens" and "legs"

Take a thick wire, better insulated. Cut into 2 hearts 4 segments about 28 cm. We insert the wire into the hearts at the level of the legs and handles. In order for the wire to pass easily through a tightly stuffed heart, pre-pierce the holes - moves with a thick knitting needle (see photo).

3. "Feet" - boots
We dial a chain of 7 EI. Then we knit in a circle.

1 row: RLS, at the extreme points of the chain - 4 RLS 
2-3 ranks: RLS, at the extreme points - near 2 increments 
4-7 ranks: RLS (see photo No. 18)

We cut out from a dense material (a cardboard, a plastic cover) "insole" on the size of a leg. We put the insole into the boot (see photo # 19 - # 20).

8-9 row: the contracting decrease (see photo No. 21).

When the hole becomes small, we insert the shoes into the wire frame (see photo # 22). We fill the shoes on top with sintered cotton or cotton wool (see photo # 23).

Next, we cut the losses, until we almost completely close the hole. There should be several loops (see photo # 24).

Further on a circle, we climb the RLS along the wire to the heart (see photo # 25).

4. "Handles"
We dial a chain of 4 EAs. We knit in a circle.

1-2 series: RLS, at the extreme points of the chain - 3 RLS 
3-5 ranks: RLS (see photo # 27)

We put the handle in the wire frame (see photo # 28).

6 row: Decrease

Further along the circle, we climb the RLS along the wire to the heart (see photo # 29).

Just like the legs, we also sew the handles to the heart.

5. Decoration
Eyes can be used ready, I like to knit everything. Embroidered on a white knitted basis with a dark thread of the pupil. We embroider a mouth, a nose, cilia at the girl and an eyebrow at the boy.

The boy is embroidered with shoelaces on his shoes. We knit a small cap (option - a bowler, a cylinder). You can sew a bow tie under the mouth - "butterfly".

We sew parts of the button on the hands of the boy and girl so that the hearts can hold hands.

A girl from a yellow acrylic is made a hairdress, we collect hair in a "tail", we add a flower, on boots we sew lacing and bows.

Hearts are ready!

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