Small knitted hearts description

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Materials: yarn "Children's cotton" (Pekhorka)  
Hook No. 1.40  Size 2.5 - 3 cm  Legend:  SBN - column without nakida  KA - ring amigurumi VP - air loop  kill - decrease PR  - increase  Knitting :  We knit the first "cup" of the heart:  1p. 6 sbn in ka  2r. (1 sbn, pr) * 3 (9)  3p. 9 Sat  4r. (2sbn, etc.) * 3 (12)  the thread is trimmed, leaving a tail 15 cm  second "cup" is knitted similarly, but the thread is not cut off and continue knitting:  In the first "cup" depart from the last knit loops 2 RLS and knit 10 sc. 

Sew two cups together for these 2 sat. 
5p. 25 sbn (we make the first sbn in the seam between the “cups”)  
6p. Ub * 2, 6 Ubn, Ub * 2, 6 Ub  
7r. killed * 2, 4 sbn, killed * 2, 4 sbn  
8r. kill * 2, 2 sbn, kill * 2, 2 sbn  
Fill the heart. 
9r. 1sbn, ub, 1sbn, ub, 1sbn, ub, ub  
Tighten the hole, the tip of the thread hide  

Heart is ready! 
Have a nice knitting!


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