Knitted Hedgehog

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Me periodically asked how I fasten hair and fur to my toon. Has decided to show on an example here such hedgehog.

First, we sculpt what must eventually become hairy or shaggy.

In this case, we take the woolen thread several times.

We shift the wire in the middle. It is advisable to take the wire in a thread, although it is not necessary.

2-3 times wind the wire and twist the ends.

Cut the loops and shorten the wire. As a rule, I leave 1-1,5 cm.

Gently make a hole of a depth equal to the wire. Given that the basis of my hedgehog - foil, I make a hole pin. If there is no foil, then the pin is not needed, I just plug the wire into the plastic with a brush.

We insert, gently push, if necessary - the remaining hole is closed with plastic.

That's what happened.

Repeat the procedure as necessary.

We bake a porcupine and then cut it. 

At me the threads thus attached remain firmly. 
I hope that someone will benefit from this lesson. 

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