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Knitted pullover with a hood skillfully decorated with openwork inserts on the sleeves. The shape of the front and back also attracts particular attention - a pattern in the form of a sheet is formed on the sides. Wonderful model for autumn or spring.

Dimensions: 36/38 (40/42) 44/46

You will need: 650 (700) 750 g of beige Bandana yarn (50% cotton, 50% polyester, 90 m / 50 g); straight and circular needles No 6; hook number 5.

Patterns and knitting:

Gum: alternately 1 persons., 1 out.

Facial smoothness: persons. R. - persons. n., izn. R. - ex. n. In circular rows knit faces.

Shawl: persons. and izn. R. - persons. P.

Cross pattern: alternately 2 p. garter stitch, 6 p. individuals. smooth Openwork pattern (20 p.): Knit according to the scheme, which shows the persons. and izn. R. Repeat from the 1st to the 8th p. Double subtraction: remove 2 p. As individuals., 1 persons. and stretch it through both removed loops.

Special reductions: at the beginning of the row after chrome. and at the end of the row to chrome. execute 1 broach (= remove 1 p. as faces., 1 face. and stretch it through the removed loop).

Knitting density:

Persons smooth surface: 17 items and 25 r. = 10 x 10 cm; cross pattern: 17 p. and 24 p. = 10 x 10 cm; openwork pattern: 20 p. and 24 p. = 13 x 10 cm

Attention! Until armhole pullover knits completely in circular rows. Then finish the back and before separately.

pullover with a hood and openwork sleeves

The back and before: a cruciform dial (see p. 30) dial 172 (188) 204 p., Enclose the work in a circle and after the cruciform dial of the 1st p. knit faces. Start of a circular row = right side line. Then knit a 3 cm rubber band and then knit the faces. satin stitch. Through 2 circular p. from gum to knit for tapering as follows: on the first 86 (94) 102 paragraphs of the back * 1 person., 1 double decrease, 29 (32) 35 person., 1 nakid, 7 person., 1 nakid, 6 (8) 10 individuals. (= middle), 1 nakid, 7 persons., 1 nakid. 29 (32) 35 faces., 1 double decrease, 1 faces., For the front repeat from * 1 time.

In the next round row, all the loops and nakida knit faces. Repeat these two circular rows another 25 times, while knitting on every detail after the 1st double diminution and after the 4th nakid for 1 person. less, because the lateral areas of the faces. smooths are reduced, but in the middle knit for 2 persons. more, because this site of individuals. smoothing increases; the number of loops remains constant.

Through 21.5 cm = 54 circular p. from the gum (measured in the middle of the front / back) to reduce the loop as follows: in the first 86 (94) 102 paragraphs of the backrest ** 1 person., 1 double decrease, 78 (86) 94 person., 1 double decrease and 1 person., To repeat, repeat from ** 1 time = 82 (90) 98 points on each part. Perform these reductions 3 more times in every 2nd circular p. after the 1st and to the last loop of each part = 70 (78) 86 points on each part.

Then knit the faces. stitch in circular rows. Through 37 cm = 92 circular p. from the gum to divide the work for raglan bevels and at first knit only on the first 70 (78) 86 paragraphs of the direct and inverse rows of faces. backstroke, while in the 1st p. close on both sides of 5 p. and subtract with special reductions in each 4th p. 11 x (in each 4th p. 6 x and alternately in each 2nd and 4th p. 8 x) in the 4th p. 1 x and alternately in each of the 2nd and 4th p. 16 x 1 p .; after the last row, tie another 2 p. no decrease.

На высоте реглана 19,5 см = 48 р. (20,5 см = 52 р.) 22,5 см = 56 р. или соответственно через 56 см = 140 круговых р./р. (57,5 см = 144 круговых р./р.) 59,5 см = 148 круговых р./р. от резинки закрыть оставшиеся 38 (40) 42 п., при этом средние 30 (32) 34 п. образуют вырез горловины, по 4 внешних п. относятся к плечам. Вязать на оставшихся 70 (78) 86 п. перед так же, но с вырезом горловины. Для этого через 45 см = 112 р. (45,5 см = 114 р.) 46,5 см = 116 р. от резинки закрыть средние 4 п. и обе стороны закончить раздельно. Для скосов выреза убавить особыми убавлениями с внутреннего края в каждом 2-м р. 13 (14) 15 х 1 п. На высоте спинки закрыть с каждой стороны оставшиеся 4 п.

Sleeves: dial the cross-shaped dial 54 (60) 66 p. And tie between chrome. 3 cm rubber band. Then knit as follows: chrome., 16 (19) 22 n. Of transverse pattern, 20 n. Of openwork pattern, 16 (19) 22 n. Of transverse pattern, chrome. Through 36.5 cm = 88 p. from the gum close for raglan bevels on both sides of 5 p., then subtract, as on the back. Through 56 cm = 134 p. (57.5 cm = 138 p.) 59 cm = 142 p. from the gum close the remaining 22 p.

Assembly: perform shoulder seams and the seams of the sleeves. Sew on the sleeves. Tie neckline com. Art. as follows: tie to the closed edge in the middle of the front of 7 conn. Art., on the slanting edge on 27 (29) 31 Com. Art. and on the neckline of the back 30 (32) 34 Comm. Art. On the circular needles dial from the back of Comm. Art., starting with 7 p. of the closed edge of 1 p., then additionally dial another 7 p. and tie in all 98 (104) 110 p. for the hood 1 out. R. from Next, knit as follows: 3 p. Garter knitting, 4 p. Gum, 84 (90) 96 p. smoothing, 4 p. gum, starting with 1 wear., 3 p. garterbinding. Through 25.5 cm = 64 p. from a set of loops all the loops close. Run the seam of the hood. Sew additionally dialed 7 s. Behind the right edge of the hood to the closed edge of the neckline of the front.

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