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The model of a free silhouette with the transition from the front surface to the relief pattern and silver accents on the cuffs, the bottom plate and the collar conquers at a glance.
DIMENSIONS  36/38 (40 / 42-44 / 46)
Yarn A (55% sheep wool, 45% polyacryl; 70 m / 50 g) - 950 (1000-1100) g orange;
Yarn B (85% viscose, 15% polyester; 110 m / 25 g) - 50 (50-75) g silver; straight needles number 6; circular needles number 6 40 cm long
* 4 out., 4 persons., From * repeat. Distribute loops according to the description in the manual.
Knit according to the above scheme. In width repeat rapport = 8 p., With the loops distributed according to the description in the instructions. In height, repeat from the 1st to the 12th p. / Krug.r.

16 p. X 22 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the above patterns.

Triple silver thread dial 92 (98-108) p. In the next w. a row of knit purl double thread (1 orange thread and 1 silver thread). 
Next, knit the pattern of gum as follows: chrome., 3 (2-3) persons., 80 (88-96) p. Gum, 4 out., 3 (2-3) persons., Chrome. 
Through 5 cm = 11 p. knit one orange thread with the same pattern. 
Through 33 p. = 15 cm from the dial-up row of the loop to distribute as follows: chrome, 1 p. Face satin finish, 1 marker, 89 (95-105) p. Relief pattern, with the pattern starting from 2 (1-2) p. From arrow a (b-a), then repeat rapport 10 (11-12) times = 8 paragraph and finish 7 (6-7) paragraph to arrow b (ab) and chrome. On the loops of the relief pattern, continue to perform the pattern, the loops in front of the markers should be knitted with the front satin stitch. At the same time in every 6th p. remove the marker following the loop after the loop with a marker instead of a relief pattern to knit with the front satin stitch and re-attach the marker to this loop. Thus, the band bound by the front surface increases in width, and the portion of the relief pattern gradually narrows. 
After 60 cm = 132 p. from the bottom bracket, put the middle 42 (44-48) sec. and close the remaining 25 (27-30) sec. shoulders on each side.
Knit like a back, but in a mirror image: attach markers in the 1st p. relief pattern, before the last 2 points. After each increase in the width of the strip, move the marker by 1 point, knitted with the front satin stitch, and in the next seamy row, attach to a new place. 
For a deeper throat, average 22 (24-28) s. Set aside for an auxiliary knitting needle already at a height of 53 cm = 116 p. from the bottom bar and first finish one side. 
For rounding the cut, transfer to the auxiliary needle from the inside edge in each 2nd p. 1 time 3 p., 1 time 2 p. And 5 times 1 p. 
16 p. from the beginning of the neck close the remaining 25 (27-30) p. shoulder. 
The other side finish symmetrically.
With a triple silver thread, dial 34 (36-40) n. In the next purl row, knit with purl double thread = 1 orange thread and 1 silver thread. 
Next, knit relief pattern with one orange thread, while after chrome. start with 2 (3-1) paragraph from arrow a (c-b), 3 (3-4) repeat repeat rapport = 8 paragraph and finish 6 (7-5) paragraph to arrow a (bc) and chrome. 
For bevels, add on both sides 14 (8-6) times in each 6th p. and then 8 (17-20) times in each 4th p. 1 p., added loops to include in the pattern = 78 (86-92) p. 
Knit another 4 p. and at a height of 55 cm = 120 p. from the dial, close all loops.
With a triple silver thread, dial 34 (36-40) p. In the next purl row, knit with purl double thread - 1 orange thread and 1 silver thread. 
Next, knit with an elastic band as follows: chrome., 2 (3-1) persons., * 4 w., 4 people., From * repeat 3 (3-4) times, 4 w., 2 (3-1) people. chrome 
At the same time perform increases for bevels, as on the left sleeve. At the same time at a height of 5 cm = 11 p. from the dial-up row, continue to knit with a single orange elastic band, and after 10 cm = 22 p. from changing colors and 15 cm = 33 p. from the typesetting series knit facial surface. 
After 40 cm = 88 p. from the beginning of the front surface close all the loops.
Sew the sleeves, at the same time combine the middle of the sleeves with the shoulder seam. Run the seams of the sleeves and side seams in one step. 
For the collar, transfer the circular hinge spokes to the lined knitting needles and additionally dial 2 (4-4) n. = 88 (96-104) n. On roundings on the front cut-out. This pattern is distributed so that it continues the pattern, made on the front and back. Then knit another 5.5 cm = 12 krug.r. double thread = 1 orange thread and 1 silver thread. Now close the loop with triple silver thread according to the picture of the canvas.

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