Amigurumi Gray Bunny Free Pattern

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Abbreviations n - loop SC - ring amigurumi sc - column without nakida etc. - growth, 2sbn from one loop ub - ubavka, 2sbn together claims - loop lift ss - a connecting bar start knitting hare with handles, so how then we will tie them into the body. HANDLES Knit 2 parts. Gray thread. Hook 1.6. Knit in a circle. 1 row: KA from 6sbn 2 row: (pr * 2 times, 1sbn) * 2 times = 10p 3 - 6 rows (4 rows): 10sbn 7 row: (3sbn, ub) * 2 times = 8n Fill with holofiber. Next, fill the handle is not necessary (for flexibility) 8 - 12 rows (5 rows): 8sbn

13th row: ss, 1pp, fold the handle in half and, picking up both edges, knit 4sbn. 
The thread is fastened and cut off. 

knit 2 parts. Gray thread. Hook 1.6. Knit in a circle. 
1 row: KA from 6sbn 
2 row: 1sbn, 3sbn from one n * 3 times, 1sbn, pr = 13p 
3 row: 3sbn, pr * 5 times, 3sbn, 2pr = 20p 
4 row: 20 sbn to the rear half loop 
5 row: 20 sbn 
6 row: 2sbn, 6ub, 6sbn = 14p 
7 row: 1sbn, 4k, 5sbn = 10p 
8 row: 10sbn 
9th row: 1sbn, pr, 2sbn, pr, 1sbn, pr, 2sbn, pr = 14p 
10-11 rows : 14sbn 
Thread fasten and cut off. Tightly fill holofiber. 

We join our legs together, the main thing is that the socks “look” symmetrically. We will knit on the perimeter (the initial loop at the junction of the legs behind). Knit gray thread. Hook 1.6. Knit in a circle. 
1 row: 2sbn, 3sbn from one p * 2raz, 6sbn, 8pr, 6sbn, 3sbn from one p * 2raz, 2sbn = 44p 
2 row: 2sbn, pr, 4sbn, pr, 28sbn, pr, 4sbn, pr, 2sbn = 48p 
3-5s (3 ranks): 48sbn 
6 row: 2sbn, ub. 4sbn, UB, 6sbn, UB, 12sbn, UB, 6sbn, UB, 4sbn, UB, 2sbn = 42p 
7ryad: 2sbn, 3ub, 6sbn, UB 10 sc, UB, 6sbn, 3ub, 2sbn = 34p 
8ryad: 11sbn, K , 8sbn, ub, 11sbn = 32p 
9ryad: 11sbn, ub, 6sbn, ub, 11sbn = 30p 
10yad: 11sbn, ub, 4sbn, ub, 11sbn = 28p 
11-12 rows: 28sbn 
13ryad: (5sbn, ub) * 4 times = 24p
14th row: In this row we engage symmetrically on the sides of the handle. 24sbn 
Fill the 
15th row with holofiber: (4sbn, ub) * 4 times = 20n 
Next we will knit the head. (we do not cut the thread!, we continue our knitting) 

Our initial loop must be located in the center of the head from behind. If necessary, tie the displacement loops. 
16th row: (1sbn, pr) * 10 times = 30n 17th 
row: (2sbn, pr, 2sbn) * 6s = 36p 
18th row: (5sbn, ave) * 6 times = 42p 
19 row: 16sbn, 3sbn from one n * 2raz, 6sbn, 3sbn from one p * 2raz, 16sbn = 50p 
20year: 16sbn, pr, 4sbn, ave., 6sbn, ave., 4sbn, ave, 16sbn = 54p 
21-22ryad: 54sbn 
23ryad: 16sbn, ub, 4sbn, ub, 6sbn, ub, 4sbn , Ub, 16sbn = 50p 
24ryad: 16sbn, 3ub, 6sbn, 3ub, 16sbn = 44p
25ryad: 16sbn, K, 8sbn, K, 16sbn = 42p 
26-27ryady: 42sbn 
28ryad: (5sbn, K) * = 36p 6raz 
29ryad: 36sbn 
30ryad: (4sbn, K) = 30P * 6raz 
31ryad: 30sbn 
32ryad: (3sbn , killer) * 6 times = 24p 
We fill in the 33 rows with holofiber 
: (2sbn, kill) * 6s = 18p 
34th row: (1sbn, kill) * 6s = 12p We supplement the 
35th row: 6ub = 12. We 
fix the thread. Cut off. We bore the hole and hide the remaining end of the thread inside. 

Knit gray thread. Hook 1.6. Knit in a circle. 
1st row: KA from 7sbn 
2 - rows: 7sbn We fasten the 
thread and cut it, leaving the length for sewing. Fill holofiber a little bit.
Sew our tail behind the body. 

Knit 2 parts. Gray thread. Hook 1.6. Knit in a circle. 
1ryad: SC from 6sbn 
2ryad: 12P = 6pr 
3ryad (1sbn, etc.) * = 6raz 16P 
4-5ryady: 18sbn 
6ryad (4sbn, K) * 3 times 15P = 
7-8 ranks: 15sbn 
9ryad (3sbn, K ) * 3 times = 12p 10-11 
ranks: 12sbn 12th 
row: (2sbn, kill) * 3raz = 9p 
13-16s (4 ranks): 9sbn. 
The thread is fastened. Cut off, leaving the length for sewing. We smooth the eye in half lengthwise and sew a little fold at the bottom of the ear (we attach the eyelet to “cruelty” at the place of sewing to the head). 
Sew ears to the top. 

knit Begonia yarn. Hook 1.25. 
1st row: KA from 6sbn
2nd row: (3sbn from one n * 2 times, 1sbn) * 2 times = 14n 
3-4tryady: 14sbn We 
fix the thread and cut it, leaving the length for sewing. Fill holofiber. 
Sew on the muzzle. Embroider mouth, eyes, brows. Toning cheeks. 

Now we decorate our rabbit. 
Knit rotary rows. Knit yarn Begonia. Hook 1.25. 
1ryad: 2vozdushnye loop 
2ryad: pp etc. * 2 times 
3-6ryady: pp 4usbn 
7ryad: pp ub * 2 times 
8ryad: pp etc. * 2 times 
9-12ryady: pp 4usbn 
13ryad: pp ub * 2 times 
thread anchoring, cut off, leaving the length to form a butterfly. We form a butterfly, stitching the initial and last rows between each other. Sew a butterfly on top of the center of the body.

For a bunny girl, you can knit a little skirt: 
We tie around the perimeter of the “tum” of the ss, in the next circular row we knit an addition from the double crochet in each loop, until the end of the circular row


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