Amigurumi Knitting Bears

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6stbn in loop amigurumi 
1p: (approx) × 6p = 12p 
2p: (3stbn, Arr) × 3P = 15P 
3-4r: knit exactly 15P = 
5p: 3stbn, 9ss, 3stbn, PTBs for biasing 15P = 
6p: 3stbn, (approx) × 9p, 3stbn, stbn for displacement = 24p we 
✔knit an increase for the front wall 
7p: 6stbn, 2prib, (3stbn, 2prib) × 2p, 6stbn = 30p 
8-12p: we knit exactly, stbn for offset = 30p 
13p :( 4stbn, ass) × 5p = 25p 
14r: (3stbn, ass) × 5p = 20p 
15p: (2stbn, ass) × 5p = 15p 
16p: (stbn, ass) × 5p = 10p 
17p: (ass) × 5p = 5p 
6STB in loop of amigurumi 
1p: (appr) × 6p = 12n 
2p: kill, 8stbn, kill = 10p 
6stbn in loop of amigurumi 
1p: (appr × 6p = 12p 
2p: (stbn, app) × 6p = 18p
3p: (2stbn, prib) × 6p = 24p 
4p: (3stbn, prib) × 6p = 30p 
5-9r: we knit exactly = 30p 
10r: (3stbn, ub) × 6r = 24p 
11p: we knit exactly = 24p 
12p: ( 2stbn, K) × 6p = 18P 
13P: knit smoothly = 18P 
14P (PTBs, K) × 6p = 12p 
15-16r: knit smoothly = 12P 
17p: (K) × 6p = 6n 
1p: PTBs second loop from the hook, stbn, 3stbn to the last loop, stbn, 
surf = 8p 2p: (stbn, surf) × 4r = 12p 
3-4p: we knit exactly = 12p 
5p: 10stbn, kill = 11p 
6p: kill, 9stbn = 10p 
7- 9p = knit smoothly = 10p 
10p: K, = 9n 8stbn 
11-14r: knit smoothly = 9n 
15P (PTBs, K) × 3P = 6s 
1p: PTBs second loop from the hook, 3stbn, 3stbn last loop , 3bb, surf = 12p
2p: prib, 3stbn, 3pribb, 3stbn, 2prib = 18p 
3p: stbn , prib, 4stbn, prib, 3stbn, prib, 4stbn, prib , 2stbn = 22p 
4-5p: weave exactly, stbn for offset = 22p 
✔if you knit from yarn Cotton + another series 
6p: (6stb, ub) × 2p, 6stbn = 20p 7p 
: 6stbn, (ub) × 2p, stbn, (um) × 2p, 5stbn, stbn for offset = 16p 
8p: 4bbn, (ub ) × 3p, 4stbn, ub = 12p 
9-14p: we knit exactly = 12p 
15p: (ub) × 6p = 6p 
6stbn into a loop of amigurumi 
2-3p: we knit exactly = 
6p 4p: we fold the part in half and knit 3 stbn, grabbing both half details 


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