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Size: 44 

You will need: 450 g of yarn in two additions (90% wool, 10% acrylic, 1630 mx 100 g) pink; hook number 1.5; pearl glass beads (cutting) to match the yarn.

The model is made in the technique of coupling guipure lace. To begin with, make a full-size pattern of the product on thick paper or fabric, adjusting it according to your measurements. See the size of the product in Figure 17. Determine the perimeter of the details of the front and back, tie for them two pieces of cord - "caterpillars" (Fig. 17 a), lay out the patterns along the contour and tackle. Then link the motifs of flowers according to scheme 17, the trefoils according to scheme 17 a, the circles according to scheme 17 b, and the leaves of different size according to the basic scheme 17 in. The dimensions of the sheet are determined by the number of VPs of the composing chain, the number of knotted rows, and the ribbed structure of the surface is achieved by the method of knitting the RLS beyond the distant half loop. The finished elements spread on the pattern face down, making the composition. Fix the most acceptable position with pins. Connect them with each other breezes made by a needle by pulling between two adjacent motifs of tension threads in two additions. Insert the needle from left to right to the edge of one element, then from right to left to the edge of the neighboring element, leaving the thread under the needle. Finish the finished parts, cut and carefully remove the basting. Connect the side and shoulder seams. Decorate the product with embroidery of glass bead motifs. To fix the neckline, use a cord - a chain of VP length of 50 cm.

Knitting cord "caterpillar." 

1) Tie a chain of 3 VP; 

2) Enter the hook into the 1st VP of the chain and pull out the VP, make a nakid and knit 2 loops lying on the hook; 

3) Turn knitting on the other side clockwise, enter the hook under the 2 adjacent loops and pull out the loop; 

4) Twist and pull the thread through 2 loops lying on the hook (Sc); 

5) Repeat steps 3-4 until the cord reaches the desired length. 

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