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You will need: - 
knitting needles, hook (I'll knit # 2) - gray yarn for a cap (I have a bright art jeans) beige for ears and brown for horns - 
stretching button and a piece of red knitwear, you can use any red button, eyes or crochet or black buttons. 
knit cap itself. (In fact, the form and principle of knitting is the same as the head of the bunny. -We fetch 60 loops + 2 edge- 
weave 4 rows with an elastic band for 2 faces, 2 
times-further we knit 18 more rows 
with the front 
satin -neather we knit with reductions 23rd row: cr, 13 persons , Ub, Ub, 26litz, Ub, Ub, 13 persons, kr 
24ryad: (wrong side) 
Cr, 12 ws, kr, ub, 24 ws, cb, ub, 12 ws, kr 
25ryad: kr, 11 people, ub, Slaughter 22 persons Slaughter Slave 11 persons kr
And td knit by analogy until there are 14 loops together with the edge. 
-Then sew the cap on the back or top seam on the wrong side 
knit crochet ears # 1.5-2 (as you prefer) beige yarn (I yarn art jeans # 05) 
1 number: 6sbn in the ring amigurumi
2 range: approx 6 times 
3 row: 1sbn prib 6 times 
4-8 row: unchanged 18sbn 
9 row: 1sbn ku repeat 6 times 
10 row: no changes 12sbn 
Fold the eyelet and knit 5sbn to leave a long thread for sewing. 
we crochet the horns with any thin brown yarn, you can use the 
floss. - Long part 2 details: 
1 row: 6 sbn in the ring amigurumi
2-9 row: no change 6sbn
Close the loop, leave the long end for sewing - 
short part 2 parts 
1 row: 6 sbn in the ring amigurumi
2-4 row: no change 6sbn 
Close the loop, leave the long end for sewing - 
then sew the short part to the long one and 
then sew horns to the crown of the 
ears folded in half sewed in the place where we started to knit down (23rd cap) 
And make out the eyes and spout cap ready! 
Enjoy your knitting and flat loops! 


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