Amigurumi Little Owl Free Pattern

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Master Class Knitting Toys "Owl". The description is not complicated, it will be easy to knit.

As a result, you should get a cute owl size of about 7.5 cm (excluding brushes on ears).

To work you will need:

1. Yarn (I have it YarnArt Jeans, 160 m/50 g) of different colors.

2. Hook № 2 and № 4 (orientate on your yarn).

3. Glass beads with a diameter of about 1 cm (I bought them in the store aquarium).

4. Hollofayber (for padding).

5. Knitted needle.

6. Superglue.

7. Scissors.

8. Polymer clay (if you sculpts the beak).


PRS-A column without a throw.

PRSs is a column with Crochets.

PRSPs-Needle with crochets.

SS2N is a column with two scatters.



Ka is a amigurumi ring.

The EAP is an air loop.


1 row. – 6 PRS;

2 row-(d) x6 times = 12 PRs;

3 Row – (PRS, D) x6 times = 18 PRs;

4 Row-(2SBN, D) x6 times = 24 PRs;

5 Row – (3 PRs, D) x6 times = 30 PRs;

6-11 Series – 30 PRs;

12 Row-(3SBN, UB) x6 times = 24 PRS

13 Row – 24 PRs;

14 Row – (2SBN, UB) x6 times = 18 PRs;

15 Row – 18 PRs;

16 Row – (2SBN, D) x6 times = 24 PRS

17 Row-(3SBN, D) x6 times = 30 PRS

18-21 Series – 30 PRS

Hammer the body hollofajberom, fold the top in half and connect PRs.

Eyes (2 details):

1 row. – 6 PRS;

2 Row-(PRS, D) x3 times = 9 PRS

3 Row-9 PRS

On one part do not forget to leave a thread for sewing 9okolo 15 sm. Immediately sew the eyes to the body, with the help of super-glue glue glass beads.


1 row. – 6 PRS;

2 Row – 14 PRSs, change color;

3 Row – (PRS, D) x7 times = 21 PRS

Sew the tummy to the body.

Wings (2 parts):

1 row. – 6 prs in Ka, change color;

2 row-(d) x6 times = 12 PRS, change color;

3 Row – (PRS, D) x6 times = 18 PRs, change color;

4 Row-(2SBN, D) X4 times, PRSPs, 2ssn in 1 loop, ss2n, 2ssn in 1 Loop, PRSPs, PRS = 24 PRs.

Sew the wings.


1 Row-Dial 5 vp, starting from 2 from the hook loop knit 4 prs;

2 Row-PRS, D, D, PRS = 6 PRS

3-4 Series – 6 PRS;

5 row-2SBN, D, D, 2 PRS = 8 PRS

6 row-8 PRS.

Sew a ponytail.

Now we need to make brushes on ears. It is convenient for me to wind the thread on the phone, but you can use a cardboard or a sheet of paper about 5.5-6 cm wide. I make 5 turns, cut in half.

I № the hook 4 between the loops, grab in the middle of our strings and pull.

In the resulting loop extend the ends of the threads and firmly stjagivaju.

With the second brush act exactly as well. Cut the yarn to the desired length.

If you decide to sculpt the beak of polymer clay, then take a small piece of clay of the desired color. Give it a form of a beak, a needle make nasal hollows.

Bake at the temperature indicated on the package. Glue with the help of superglue.

If you want to make a knitted beak:

1 row – 4 PRs;

2 row-4 PRS;

3 Row-(PRS, d) x2 times = 6 prs.

Sew Beak.

Our owl is ready!

If we make a ring with a carbine to our owl. It will make a great keychain on the bag or stroller.

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