Knitted Doll Amigurumi

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knitted doll doll amigurumi - the author's toy Art_neslihan. You can tie a baby doll or a baby boy. Translation of the description into Russian - Clara Gurzhiy ( @klaraguru ). 

Written in Instagram: @ art_neslihanVyazanaya doll pupsik amigurumi 

Description knitting pupsika hook 

ka - ring amigurumi 
VP - air loop 
n - loop 
sc - bar without nakida 
PSBN - polustolbik without nakida 
PRSPs - polustolbik with sc 
cc - a connecting bar 
, etc. - gain 
K - ubavka 
Doll Pupsik Pupsik description kryuchkomVyazany hook 

translated description knitting legs errors are detected, therefore it is advisable to watch the video master class from the author knitting legs and our translation of the description of the author, the following (we have noted, is the author of a discrepancy in one loop: in the 3rd row of our estimates should get 21 sc in the end, but the author points to 22) ..

Legs (2 parts) We type 
4 points. 
1. pr, 1 sbn, 3 sbn in one loop, 3 sbn, ss, vp (9) 
2. pr, 2 sbn, 3 ave, 3 sbn, pr, ss, vp (15) 
3. 1 sbn, pr, 2 sbn, pr, 1 sbn, pr, 2 sbn, pr, 2 sbn, pr, 1 sbn, pr, ss, vp (22) 

knit the fourth and subsequent rows as described in the photo. 

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