Swimming Teddy Free Pattern

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Recently finished knitting such a teddy bear, it with a bit of a strange combination of colors, but I rarely find the right shade of green) long thought, as if so to portray correctly-round circle, so that it was without a room with such a small diameter . And here the decision has been found-many times have knitted donuts, and the circle thus turns out equal and necessary thickness.

Since the toys are all different, I will try to describe the universal way of knitting such an accessory) to create a knitted swimming circle you Nonadobitsja:  

-Green yarn


-A pair of eyes

-Black and pink thread for muzzle

-Hook, tweezers, scissors

The process itself:

Knit a chain of air loops of such length that it covered the waist of toys + 1 cm on "freedom fit". In my case it is 36 EAP. Zamyvaem the chain in a ring and start to knit in a spiral, without joining of rows.

1st row: 36 PRS (36)

2nd row: (5 PRS, 1 p) * 6 times (42)

3-nd row: (6 PRS, 1 p) * 6 times (48)

4-th row: (7 PRS, 1 p) * 6 times (54)

5-th row: (8 PRS, 1 p) * 6 times (60)

I want to note that the more rows with the raises you will connect, the thicker the end result)))

6-9-TH series: (60 PRS) (60)

10-th row: (8 PRS, 1 p) * 6 times (54)

11th row: (7 PRS, 1 p) * 6 times (48)

12th row: (6 PRS, 1 p) * 6 times (42)

13th row: (5 PRS, 1 p) * 6 times (36)

We leave a long thread, fold the initial and Onechnyj edge and sew. In the process it is necessary to fill a circle that the filling distributed evenly.

The Circle Frog Head and imitation of feet. They tally even faster and easier)


1st row: Amigurumi ring, 6 loops (6)

2nd row: Raise in Each loop (12)

3rd row: (1 PRS, 1p) * 6 times (18)

4th row: (2 PRS, 1p) * 6 times (24)

5-7-Th series: (24 PRS) (24)

8-th row: (2 prs, 1u) * 6 times (18)

9-th row: (1 prs, 1u) * 6 times (12)

Fill your head with filling.


1st row: Amigurumi ring, 5 loops (5)

2nd row: Raise in Each loop (10)

3-4 rows: (10 prs) (10)

Leave a thread for sewing.


We are recruiting a chain of 3 EAP.

In the first EAP chain Knit 6 PRSs, do 1 VP, lock again in the first EAP chain. It turns out like a petal.

We do 1 EAP lifting, turn knitting. Knit to the end of a row of PRS, leave a thread for sewing.


Sew the head to the circle. Eyes sew to a head and glue black pupils, embroider a nose and a smile. Legs are symmetrically available on the outside of the circle and sew.

The swimming circle is ready, you can try it on a toy)

P.S. If you need a circle of other diameter, by simply increase the length of the starting chain of the EAP...

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