Amigurumi Lady Owl

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Required materials and tools: 
1. Yarn Areola 50g / 235m color pink (girls, do not take a thick yarn, take a thickness close to mine if you can not find one. Otherwise your owl sneakers will be incredibly huge ) 
2. YarnArt JEANS yarn, color 07 (beige) half-winding approximately 3. YarnArt JEANS yarn, color 01 (white) quite a bit 4. Yarn for children novelty pehorka yolk color. Straight a little for the beak 5. White felt 6. Safe blue eyes 18mm. 7. false cilia 8. A bit of pink tulle for a bow 9. Filling 10. Hook 1.5 and 2.0 and stocking needles 2.0 11. glue, scissors

12 marker for knitting (toy fit in a spiral) 
13. Pastel, shade or pencil. Something that you can toned eyes in a circle of felt 

Vp-air loop 
Sbn- column without nakida 
Ss-connecting loop PSn-column with 
ssn-column with one nakida pro 
n / n-half-loop 

Kedy ( we begin with a pink thread) 
1 row-8 vp, in the 2nd loop from the hook we knit ave, 5 sbn (1 sbn into each loop), 4 sbn into the last loop of the chain, on the reverse side 5 sbn, ave. (18); 
2 row - 2 pr, 5 sbn, 4 pr, 5 sbn, 2 ave. (26) 
3 row - 2 sbn, 2 pr sbn, 2 sbn, 2 psn, 3 ssn, 5 pr from ssn, 3 ssn, 2 psn , 2 sbn, 2 pr of sbn, 1 sb. (35)
4ryad- 3 vp, 2ssn, 2pr from ssn, 10 ssn, 6pr from ssn, 10 ssn, 1 pr from ssn, 4 ssn, ss (44) 
Cut the insole. 
Owl in sneakers knit online. 
5 row- 44 sbn for the rear p / p 
6-8 row- 44 sbn. Finish, thread cut and hide. 
Owl in sneakers knit online. 

We knit the toe (white thread) 
1- Fold the shoe in half and from the middle (opposite side from the marker) count 10 sbn, stick a hook and knit 20 sbn behind the back half-loop, turn (knit averages 20 sbn) 
Owl in sneakers knit online. 
Change the thread to pink 
2- Next, turning rows: 2nd run, in the 2nd loop from the hook, 1ssn, 9th ssn, turning the 
Owl in sneakers, knit online. 
3-2 in, 2-nd from the hook loop 1 ssn, 4 ub from ssn, turn
4-2 bp, 4 ssn we knit in one drop, finish the 
owl in sneakers knit online. 
5- We attach the thread, where we joined it, when we started to knit the toe of the gym shoe, (the beginning of the white thread) we tie the toe around the edge of 12 sbn, ss to the side of the gym. 

We turn the knitting and Next in turning rows we knit the tongue: 
1st row - 3 inst, with 2 loops from the hook 11 csn for the rear 
polypropylene , turn 2 row-3 in, with 2 loops from the hook 11 csn. Finish, cut the thread and hide the 
Owl in sneakers knit online. 

Next, we knit the owl's leg itself, attach the beige thread inside the gym to the 12 remaining s / p straps (like knitting the strapping in the same direction), and knit in a circle. 
Owl in sneakers knit on-line. Sova in sneakers knit on-line. 

1ryad- (sbn, ub) x12 (24) for the rear p / p 
2 row-24 sbn
3rd row- 12k (12) 
4-20 row-12sbn. At the first leg the thread is cut. 
We tie up the top of the shoe. 
Owl in sneakers knit online. 
We attach the pink thread to the remaining half-loops of the side of the shoe and knit it in turning rows (we find the junction of the toe with the side of the shoe, count the third loop in the direction of the toe and hook): 
We knit the owl in the shoes online. 
1ryad-30 sbn, turn 
2ryad-vp, ub, 26 sbn, ub, turn (28) 
3ryd-vp, 28 sbn, turn 
4ryd-vp, ub, 24sbn, ub, turn (26) 
5ryad-vp, 26 sbn Finish Thread trimmed and hidden. Embroider white laces. 
Owl in sneakers knit online. 
We knit the second leg in the same way, but do not cut the beige thread. 


1ryad- At the second leg, we do not cut the beige thread, but immediately begin to connect. We put a marker and knit on the leg 4 sbn, dial a chain of 12 points, make a small clubfoot for the legs and attach the chain to the second leg (to the place where we finished knitting the legs). 
12 sbn on the leg, 12 sbn in the air chain, 8sbn on the leg (reached the marker) 
We knit an owl in sneakers online. 
2ryad- 4sbn leg, 12 sbn in the air chain, 32 sbn (48) 
Owl in sneakers knit online. 
3ryad-3 sbn, pr, 12 sbn, (3sbn, ave) x3, 12 sbn, (3sbn, ave) x2 (54) 
4-13ryad-54 sbn 
14ryad - (25 sbn, ub) x2 (52) 
15ryad- 52 sbn 
owl in sneakers knit online. 
Change thread to white 
16 row- (24sbn, ub) x2 (50) 
17 row- 50 sbn
18 row- (8 sbn, ub) x5 (45) 
19 row- 45 sbn 
20 row- (7 sbn, ub) x5 (40) 
21 row- 40 sbn The 
owl in sneakers knit online. 
Next, we cut the white thread without finishing knitting (leave the tail, not making a knot). After we put on the dress, change the thread to beige and continue to knit the head. 


1ryad-6 SC sc in 
2-series 6sbn 
3 ryad- (sc, etc.) x3 (9) 
4ryad-9 sc 
5 ryad- (2sbn, etc.) x3 (12) 
6ryad- (3sbn, np) x 3 (15) 
7-14 a number sc-15 
Change thread on white 
15ryad-15 sc 
16ryad sc-15 for a rear p / p 
17 -19 sc 15 ryad- 
20 ryad- (3sbn, UB) x3 (12) 
21ryad- 12sbn 
22ryad- (2sbn , ass) x3 (9)
Fold the wing in half, tie for both walls 4 sbn. Wings do not 
tied Tie 16 row 15 sbn for left half loops. Sew on the owl's wings at level 20 of the body. 
Owl in sneakers knit on-line. Sova in sneakers knit on-line. 

Knit the same yarn as the sneakers. 

We collect 64 loops and distribute into 4 needles: 12 p (sleeve), 20 p (front), 12p (sleeve), 20p (back) 
1-5 row-64 front ,; in the 3rd row I made “holes”, 2 facial, nakid, two together, etc. 
We will knit an owl in sneakers online. 

6 row-20 persons, close 12 sleeve loops, 20 persons, close 12 sleeve loops. The last loop throws on the next needle. 

Next, we knit separately each needle of the back and forehand. (We knit a number of facial, a series of purl) 
7 row-remove edge loop, 19 faces.
8 row - edging, 19 out. 
9 near-edge, (2 persons, pr) x6, 1 person, (26) 
10-remove edge, 25 out. 
Similarly, we knit the loop of another needle. 

On one needle thread to fasten and cut (52) 
11 row-knit all 52 loops face, connecting into a circle. And immediately distribute to 4 needles. 
11-18 series (8 ranks) - 52 persons 
19 row - we do 1 gain on each spoke 
20 row — 56 faces 
21 row — we do 1 gain on each spoke 
22 row — 60 faces 
23 row — we make 1 gain on each spoke 
24 row -64 persons 
25-31 row (7p) - knit with 1x1 elastic (face / internal). 
32 row-close hinges, not tightening the fabric. We cut the thread and hide it. 
Owl in sneakers knit online.
Girls try on a dress, and the number of increases can be reduced ... look at your toy. 

We take a needle with the same yarn and go through the neck with a seam "forward with a needle", but do not tighten it, do it very weakly. We put a dress on the owl and constrict the neck. We cut the thread, hide it. Crochet dress by Vasilisa Vasilyeva. 

We knit the skirt first: 
1. Gather 72 in. p. and 8 from the hook loop knit sbn (it will loop under the button), then knit sbn to the end of the row. 
2. Next, turning rows. Make 2 in. to lift and again the whole row 
3. 2 in. to raise further 
4. 2 in. n. sbn to the end of the series we close the sheet in a circle and knit another 1 row of sbn. 
5. Next row In each loop we knit 2 double-knots.
6. Change the color of the thread doing 3 in. n lifting and knit 5 ssn 2 loops skip to the next do 2 ssn 1c. 2 ssn 2 loops skip 5 ssn, thus knit to the end of the row. 
Similarly, knit the following rows to the desired length of the skirt. 
Next, we knit the top of the dress and sleeves: 
1. Attach the thread to the top of the skirt and knit (measure the dress on your owl, depending on where you sew the wings, armholes I had it) 
2 c. p further 12 sbn 15th c. n. skip 9 loops then 20 sat. 15 c. n skip 9 loops further to the end of the row. 
2. 2 in. n. row sb. 
3. 2. V. p. And sbn until the end of the row at the end of the row we do 8 c. n. form another loop under the button. 
Where we did 15 c. n for the armhole in the first loop, attach a thread of a different color and knit 3 in. n. in the 3 loop from the hook make ssn 1 c. n 2 ssn, skip 2 in. in the next loop (2 ssn 1 in. n 2 ssn skip 2 in. s.) repeat until the end of the armhole thread to fix. Similarly, knit the second sleeve.

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