Amigurumi Giraffe Head Pattern

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Complexity: Medium
Working time: 1 hour
Materials: Cotton 100%, hook, filler, needle, bell

For work will be necessary: threads of yellow and orange colours, remnants of threads of black colour, a hook № 1.3, a holobamber, a bell, a needle.

Billet for the head: we collect a chain of 3 air loops. Lock in the ring

We get into the received ring 6 bars without a scale (6 stbn).

In each column of the previous row we get 2 columns without a scale (12 stbn).

In each row we add 6 bars without a scale, until it becomes 30 (30 stbn). We get into the canvas the end of the thread to mark the beginning of the series without increments.

Knit 3 rows without increments (30 stbn)

We make 3 ubcaps (27 stbn). Knit 1 Row Straight (27 stbn). Again a row with 3 Ubavkami (24 stbn).

Knit 1 row without decreases (24 stbn). Attach the orange thread, the yellow can be trimmed.

Knit 2 rows without decreases (24 stbn). 3 Ubavki (21 stbn).

1 row without decreases (21 stbn). 3 Uavki (18 stbn). The workpiece can be filled with a holobberom, to place a boubenchik.

1 row straight. We make 3-6 decreases in a row until we close the crown. Cut the thread, hide it.

For an ear: we collect a chain of 6 air loops, in the second loop from a hook we get 2 stbn, then we knit each column in a separate loop: Stbn, STBN, Polustolbik sn, we get 5-6 in one loop, we turn a workpiece; Mirror the reverse side.

For the Horn: Dial a chain of 3. loops, lock; To engage 6 stbn (6STBN), in each column to engage on 2 stbn (12 stbn); row without increments;

Row with 3 Ubavkami (9 stbn); A row with 3 Ubavkami (6STBN). Knit the tube to the desired length. Fill and clip the thread.

Assembly. Fold the workpiece, outline the place of the fit. Needle to sew ears and horns. Ears to walk the same needle with a contrasting (orange) thread, embroider the Fringe.

Take a needle with a black thread, embroider the eyes and the Boki. Sew the nostrils with the orange thread. Admire!

It remains to tie 2 beads, embroider specks, tie 2 chains of air loops for legs and you can collect our giraffe)))

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