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Minnie. Nako bambino in 2niti, Magic pieto (like so called yarn), pale pink-yarnart gold, it shines beautifully)) 

Princess. Nako Bambino at 1N, Lolipop Crown. Lining fleece. 

Flower glade. I love this little hat)) Yarn yarnart jeans. Flower on the mount for brooches. 

Sweet strawberry. Vita Lira, Vita Koko, Yarnart jeans. Czech beads and beads. The strawberries are all removable. 
Thank you all very much for your attention)) 
Do not copy the photo !!! 
P. with. girls, my dear and beloved! Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! You know that I always answer every comment, for me it is very important. But now I can’t answer that way, because I read the comments when I feed Sasha, and only one hand is free — I can't answer. But know that I read everything, I rejoice and mentally thank you))
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