Knitted Beige Bag

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Finished one more bag. This time I decided to tie the usual bag without any jewelry. The bag turned out to be a rather large height - 20 cm, length 46 cm, width - 19 cm, height with handles - 40 cm. Polyethylene tape width - 1.7 cm and hook - 1.9 mm. Pattern as in a burgundy bag. As a strengthening of the walls used two nets for the shells. For knobs knitted rings. They knit like this: dial 30 in / n, fold with eight and tie up the st w / n, and then tie it with "step by step". The lining for a bag with pockets was tied with half-columns of s / n from ribbons with a width of 1.3 cm, hook - 1.9 mm. 

And to see better the beige color of this bag, I photographed it next to the white color.

This is how the pattern looks closer. I knit it in the direction from one side to the other, i.e. it is rotated 90 degrees. So he looked better. I changed a bit this pattern, instead of 3 vertical sts with / n, I knitted 2 st c / n, an inclined post with 2 nakidami.

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