Knitting Easter Houses Free Pattern

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Difficulty: Low
Working time: 2 hours
Materials: socks, yarn

To each Easter I try to do something new handmade.

This year my Easter table will decorate such houses-greelochki for eggs.

I will tell you how to connect one such house, and you already put your imagination and dost the landowner of his own village:)

By the way, these cabins are a great way to use the remains of multi-coloured yarn:)

So, let's start knitting.

You will need:

4 Toe Needles (3 mm) (we will knit in a circle);
White yarn (I used the Turkish Nako Vizon 100% Acrylic, 100gr = 195 m);
Dark blue yarn (I used the Turkish Nako Vizon 100% Acrylic, 100gr = 195 m);
A little brown yarn for embroidery.

Persons. = facial;

IPMs. = Purl;

Arr. = Increase (we put the face first behind the front, then behind the back wall);

Ub. = 2 facial touch together facial;

R. = Series;

P. = loop;

We start knitting the yarn of white color.

Dial 36 loops. Spread to 3 spokes and start knitting in a circle. Be careful not to twist the loops. Put a marker at the beginning of the series.

1r purl surface (36 p.)

2-12 of the R. 11 rows of persons. Gladi (36 p.)

13r (Prib., 2 persons.) 12 times (48 p.)

14r. Front surface (48 p.)

Change the thread to dark blue.

15r purl Expanse (48 p.)

16R UB., 6 persons. (6times) (42 p.)

17r Facial surface (42 p.)

18R UB., 5 persons. (6times) (36 p.)

19r Facial surface (36 p.)

20R UB., 4 persons. (6times) (30 p.)

21R Facial surface (30 p.)

22r UB., 3 persons. (6times) (24 p.)

23R Facial surface (24 p.)

24r UB., 2 persons. (6times) (18 p.)

25R Facial surface (18 p.)

26R UB., 1 persons. (6times) (12 p.)

27r Facial surface (12 p.)

28r Ubawki (6times) (6 p.)

Thread cut, stretch through 6 loops and pull. Hide the tip of the thread.

That the edge of a roof was more sharp and kept a form, it is better to lay a mark.

At your request it can be made a thread in the tone of the roof or contrast.

I used the blue.

It is better to lay a sketched seam in one and a half centimeters from the edge of a roof.

Then the yarn of brown color above the window.

That's all. The house is ready.

Source : https://www.livemaster.ru/topic/1179545-vyazhem-pashalnye-domiki-8212-ukrasheniya-dlya-yaits?msec=24

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