Crochet Autumn Gloves Pattern

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Complexity: Medium
Working time: 2 days
Materials: Hook № 2, yarn wool with acrylic, satin ribbon, beads, sewing rhinestones, thread, needle

I love the historical styles and the Azhura! And today I would like to share with you the creation of a charming pair of mittens, which will warm your pens cool autumn day!

Forest... A small path... Light fog... From trees fall yellow and red leaves, smell of autumn, damp ground, mushrooms... A light breeze waves your hair and brings out thoughts about something far and beautiful...

Yes, it is such a quivering association that brings these mitts on your handles:)

And now we can create them for ourselves!

We will need the yarn Vita Brilliant-1.5 skein

Take the hook and Dial 85 VP, lock in the ring.

Knitting 12 rows According to the scheme:

Next, knit 6 rows according to the scheme:

And now 12 more series on the scheme:

The main part is ready.
Now we have to tie the fan part. To do this, we continue to knit the same thread the next row-the air loops. On 8 V.P. Alternate through 4 columns, then through 5 Stobkov of the previous row. So to the end of the series.

The top of the fan is ready. Then we knit the bottom part. We need to cut the thread and continue from the bottom. 
Knit chain of 5 V. P. every 3 art. With the N. of the previous row.
In the second row we add loops
From 3rd to 7th row knit by 5 VP
8 row-Add, as shown in the 5th row on the diagram, through every two chains containing 5 V. P.
9-16 the number of knitting on 5 VP without increments.

17 row-knit fan. Cut the thread.

The lower part of the fan is ready.
Now we proceed to the top of the mitts. We tie it with openwork sharp-angled pattern.
To begin with, we have a row of bars without a scale in each loop. Further knit according to the scheme:

There is just a little more to decorate our magnificent Mitenka:)
We'll need a narrow chocolate-coloured satin ribbon. Measure the necessary length to be able to stretch it in the top of the Mitenka between the columns with the scale and form a bow. We do it. Carefully grab a thread of a pike-colored bow to the Mitenke that he did not move.

Knit flower on the scheme:

Now we decorate it with beads in the area of the related pico – three beads on each petal. And in the center of the rhinestones.

And here, our ready flower we can sew to Mitenke in that place where there is a center of the earlier prepared Bantika:)

Our delightful mittens is ready! The second knitting is similar.

Congratulations, dear lady! Now we are with you, happy owner beautiful glove!

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