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Crochet dress for a hippo:

This unpretentious outfit was created specially for the hippopotamus. 
However, the dress and shoes are suitable for any toy of small and medium size. 
You can apply all your imagination to decorate a sundress, make it more festive or casual, play with colors and design. 
Believe me, in clothes, the image of your toy will be more complete and complete. 
Tiny blouses, dresses and hats are touched and pleasing to everyone without exception. 

Pleasant knitting! 

Author MK - Marishka * Borisova Crocheting 

for the Hippo:

1. tie a chain from the waist and try on a hippo;
2. About knitting one row of ssn, in the second row make an increase in each column - the number of loops doubles; 
3. About knitting 4 rows of ssn (the number of rows depends on the thread and your desire) and in the next row make an increase through 2 bars. And about knitting another series without changes; 
4. Further tie the hem of the future dress with one row of sbn and one row "raschest step" that can be done at the last stage of the work; 
5. Try on the future dress and determine how much about the loops you need to knit for the top of the dress. I got 6 sc. About I knitted them in the center. About knitting the right number of rows (I have 4 rows); 
6. Then, from the upper corners of the resulting square, knit a chain of cords. At the same time you need to try on a hyphema;
7. further tying armholes and on chains you knit capes ssn, making increases .. you can not add ... as you like; 
8. Tie the edges of the dress; tie the chain from the waist and lace up the back of the dress, passing a string between the stitches with the crochet: 

Crochet crochet for the hippo:

The color of the sole: 

1st row: in the 2nd from the hook 1 sb, then 3 sb, 5 sb in one loop, knit on the other side of the chain: 3 sb, 2 sb in one loop. (14) 
2 ranks: the increase, 3 sbn, (2 pcs in one loop) - 5 times, 3 scales, the increase - 2 times (22) 
3 ranks: 1 cd, increase, 6 cms, increase, 3 scales, 6 sb, increase, 3 sb (26) 
4 series: we knit the increments over the additions, there must be only 4 increments in this row (30)

Then we knit one row for the back half loop without any additional increases. 

You need to try on the shoe during knitting soles. 

2. Next, the color of the shoe knit 3 rows without changes in a spiral; 
and the last row to knit the bezel with the color of the shoe or an additional color. I knitted the edging with threads that were thinner and therefore I did not make any adjustments, and the shoe on the edge narrowed itself. but if you use the same yarn, then it is worth making 2 or 3 uniform drops on the nose of the shoe. 

Then let your fantasy work

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