Very Nice Crochet Napkin

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1. Two-tone napkin. Openwork knitting. Size: Diameter 35 cm. 
Materials: Iris Threads» Gamma (100% x/b; 87 igo D), approx. 
10 g lilac, 5 g white; Cru Chok Gamma m 2. 
Job Description: White thread The chain of 8 V, p. and To the circle with the help of (CD, St, 1st P.: H, p. Lifting, 19 St, S/n In the resulting ring, a number of To finish the soyed "art. 2nd p.: 5 v. P. (4 A, p, lifting 4 1 in, • Art, with 2/n Next Art. S/N of theprevious row from Hook, v. •, repeat from 
Up to • 18 times, only 20 times. A number of 
To finish the soyed "art. 
2/n L, lifting, 1 V, p., 
2 St, with 2/n in the next art. From 2/n 
The previous row from the hook, 
1 v. P. repeat from • to • 
18 times, Хhe 20 times, number of law- 
H YAGCH. Art. 
Further knit according to the scheme on the 7th row 
Inclusive. Cut the thread. 
15th P.: Attach a 1 * non- 
Thread and knit according to the 
Further knit according to the scheme by 
3rd row. Thread (betray. 
14th P.: Attach the White 

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